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How to feed raspberries in spring for a good harvest
How to feed raspberries in spring for a good harvest

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In the spring, when the sun begins to actively warm up, many cultivated plants, including raspberry bushes, wake up from winter sleep. Young shoots, the root system begin to grow actively. After the winter sleep, the weakening of the plant is observed. To make the culture develop faster, special preparations will help. Let's consider in detail how to feed raspberries in the spring for a good harvest.

Terms of top dressing in spring

The introduction of special nutrients helps to strengthen the plant's immune system. This will help protect raspberries from the negative effects of insect pests and diseases. Professional gardeners recommend spraying with folk remedies, fertilizing after the snow melt.

When to carry out the procedure depends on the climatic conditions. In the southern regions, raspberries are fed in mid-April. In the more northern ones, the procedure is carried out in the first weeks of May.

Usually, raspberry bushes are fed after rain. Water improves the supply of nutrients to the roots. It promotes the absorption of vitamins and minerals.

If the weather is dry, it is recommended to first water the seedlings abundantly. For this, water that has been settled for a day is suitable. Usually, the procedure is carried out after sunset or before it appears in the sky.

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Before starting the procedure, you need to see if the soil is ready to work with it. To do this, stick a stick into the ground. If it comes in easily, you can make top dressing, since the soil layer has thawed enough. Otherwise, you need to wait a few days, and then repeat the procedure again.

How many times top dressing will be carried out is determined by the fertility of the soil. If the rate is low, fertilize twice. About two weeks should elapse between treatments.

Organic application

Organic matter is essentially a waste of animals, birds, rotted plant residues. They belong to natural feeding. Fertilize the seedling carefully so as not to damage the leaves. Failure to do so will result in burns.

Before flowering, raspberry bushes can be fed with several organic compounds:

  1. Herbal infusion shows a good result. For its preparation, freshly cut grass is chopped. Then they fill it with warm water, leaving it in this state for a week. Stir the composition daily to ensure uniform fermentation. Water each bush.
  2. Shown is the use of cow or horse manure. They bring substances into the ground. First, the manure is poured with water, then they wait for a week. Raspberry bushes are watered with a mixed solution. In this case, you cannot pour on the leaves, as this will lead to their falling off.
  3. A solution of chicken manure effectively helps. Previously, it is filled with water. Stir the solution thoroughly before using the product and then add clean cold water. Water the raspberry bushes in the same way as with the previous remedy.
  4. You can fertilize raspberries with wood ash. For this, the substance is scattered around. It is advisable to do this before the rain. You can also fertilize the crop with a liquid ash solution. For each plant - half a bucket of funds.
  5. The effectiveness of the use of potato peelings has been proven. They are poured with water and infused for several hours. Then water each raspberry bush.

Banana peelings are also used as top dressing. They are pre-crushed, poured with water and infused for several days, and then the plant is watered.

The onion solution has been proven to be effective. To do this, pour the onion with water and boil for several hours. Having cooled and diluted with water, the bushes are watered with this solution. Correct application of any of the described means will significantly increase the yield of berries.

Mulching as a top dressing

In order for the raspberry harvest to be large, it is recommended to mulch the ground near them. You can cover the area with fallen bark or a leaf of wood.

Let's consider the most popular tools in detail:

  1. A good mulching material is manure humus. Better to take rotted. Make a product under each bush. You can also scatter it before the rain so that the plant gets all the nutrients it needs.
  2. It is convenient to mulch the area with leaf humus or compost. It should be poured near the raspberry bushes in a layer 10 centimeters thick. Add humus as needed.
  3. Peat improves the structure of the soil and makes it acidic. For this reason, ash or lime is added additionally. Peat should be used after filling it with water and stirring it thoroughly. Then the bushes are watered, trying not to fall on the foliage.
  4. Mowed grass or straw. After decomposition, raspberries receive many useful substances. Mulch is added during the summer.

A good result is obtained by mulch from plant residues in the form of sawdust, bark of coniferous trees, pieces of branches obtained after pruning of garden crops, rotten boards.

Preliminarily, garbage is shredded, followed by sprinkling of raspberries. In this case, it is necessary to prevent caking of wood mulch.

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Top dressing rules

How to feed raspberries in the garden in spring for a good harvest, everyone decides for themselves. In this case, it is important to comply with the rules:

  1. The alternation of organic fertilizers with mineral fertilizers contributes to obtaining a bountiful harvest of fruits.
  2. For the plant to assimilate nutrients in full, the raspberry must first be watered.
  3. The use of the foliar feeding method is effective. To carry out the procedure, it is necessary to select suitable weather conditions. It is better to apply top dressing in cloudy weather, without rain, in the evening. If the procedure is carried out in sunny weather, it will lead to burns on the deciduous part.

It is impossible to use mineral fertilizing at the time of fruiting. You need to discard them 3 weeks before the berries appear. Otherwise, it will cause a high concentration of hazardous substances in the fruit.


It is important to feed the raspberries in the spring, so that the culture becomes stronger and stronger, and is prepared for fruiting. A wide variety of folk remedies are used for feeding. In order for the plant to receive a large amount of substances, it is necessary to carry out the procedure after the rain. In hot and dry weather, fertilizers are applied, after watering the plant.

Raspberries grow better and bear fruit abundantly with regular feeding. Folk remedies bring benefits. They allow the plant to build up sufficient strength before fruiting.

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