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Prague in 5 days - the best places
Prague in 5 days - the best places

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Of course, in such a short period it is unlikely that it will be possible to see all the sights of the Czech capital. But if the traveler has at least 5 days, you can try to visit the most significant of them on your own.

Where to go in Prague in winter

At the very beginning of winter, Prague does not look very hospitable: the streets are quiet, almost deserted, heavy clouds in the sky, from under which the sun rarely peeps. But when it snows, everything looks different: trees in parks, tiled roofs and spiers are covered with a snow-white blanket, and the city itself seems to be transformed.

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Prague looks especially elegant at the end of December, when illumination lights are added to the sparkling snow. The streets get crowded and literally bloom with Christmas decorations.

Residents of the capital flock to attractions, skating rinks and Christmas sales, relax in bars and pubs, and have fun on the streets of the city.

In winter, there are not so many tourists in Prague, so you can see the capital's sights on your own in 5 days, take pictures of them without fuss and rush. They look especially beautiful at this time of the year.

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The Charles Bridge

This grandiose structure is located in the very center of the Czech capital and connects the two banks of the Vltava River. Tourists are attracted by the uniqueness of the architecture of the bridge with its famous sculptures and powerful arches, from which they breathe originality and charm. On both sides, the bridge is surrounded by entrance towers: from the west - Lesser Towns, from the east - Old Town, which are the original architectural monuments of the capital's Middle Ages.

Literally two blocks from Charles Bridge, there is another Prague attraction - the Havel Market.

Experienced travelers advise visiting it, but only for the sake of beautiful photos and a mesmerizing atmosphere, which is especially evident during the Christmas period. It is not worth buying souvenirs there, because in the neighboring streets you can find them at a price significantly lower than what is offered on the market.

There are several other attractions in the neighborhood:

  • Sculpture "Hanging Man";
  • Adria Palace;
  • Church of St. Havel;
  • Bethlehem Chapel;
  • Sculpture "Cloak of Conscience";
  • Temple of the Snow Virgin Mauria.

Old Town Square

It is always crowded here, but during the Christmas holidays, the square resembles a postcard that comes to life. The facades of medieval palaces rise along the edges of the cobblestone pavement, and the spiers of the Tyn Church of the Virgin Mary are visible above the roofs of the buildings. The medieval clock strikes every hour - the Prague Orloj, after which you can watch a small puppet show right on the chimes.

Trade pavilions are installed throughout the square, where tourists are treated to fried chestnuts, pastries and hot mulled wine.

Wenceslas Square

It is also a rather crowded place, where it is always festive, noisy and fun. Old buildings and sculptures appear before tourists in all their glory. The St. Wenceslas Monument is a popular meeting place for lovers, and the nearby tram on old rails, restored as a cafe, warms up frozen travelers.

In the evening, the square is illuminated by powerful floodlights, under the rays of which the neighboring roofs and facades look especially fabulous.

City of Jews

Also located in the old part of Prague. Many monuments of architecture, culture, history are concentrated here, although the area of ​​the town itself is not that big.

Of particular value are:

  • Jewish cemetery;
  • memorial plaque for Kafka;
  • sculptures of rabbis;
  • 5 synagogues.

Once upon a time there was a Jewish ghetto in this place, so there is a special atmosphere here.

Despite such an unpresentable appearance, this area is one of the most expensive in Prague.

dancing House

This is a fairly young (1996 year of creation), but unique building, built in the style of constructivism.

Petrin Tower

The 60-meter-high structure erected on the Petřín Hill is considered a miniature copy of the Eiffel Tower. Its observation deck offers amazing views of the city covered with snow.

National Theater

The dome of the National Theater, built in the 19th century, glows with an amazing star-blue light. The building looks especially picturesque in the evening, when the picture is complemented by its location over the Vltava River.

  1. But the capital of the Czech Republic is rich not only in architectural sights. In winter, when it is especially cold, you can independently visit various exhibitions, galleries, museums, of which there are a lot in Prague, in 5 days.
  2. The National Museum is very popular with tourists, which contains a unique collection of scientific, historical and archaeological exhibits.
  3. Also, tourists will be interested to look at the Art Gallery and the Toy Museum. These establishments are located near the Prague Castle. Not far from the Letenskie Gardens, there is the National Technical Museum, where compositions on astronomy, architecture, photography and printing are exhibited.

There are also small house-museums in Prague, a house of wax figures, medieval torture, ghosts, communism.

Prague in autumn

Autumn in Prague is no less beautiful than winter. The city is filled with bright colors of the passing summer, and its gardens and parks fascinate the imagination with incredible power.

Every tourist, especially those who are in the Czech capital for the first time, considers it their duty to independently look at the Charles Bridge, Old Town Square and other equally famous sights of the Old Town.

According to locals, it is best to come there in the evening, when the medieval city is lit with lights and a special mystical atmosphere is in the air.

But do not forget the famous Prague parks, which look colorful and cozy at any time of the year, especially in autumn. It is recommended to take a walk through the Wallenstein Gardens, which will not leave anyone indifferent. You can relax and admire the autumn colors in the Petřín Gardens, Kampa Island and Prague Castle.

It will be interesting to look at the autumn capital from above. To do this, you need to go to the Petřín Hill. There are two ways to get there: by funicular or on foot. The second option is much better, because the path passes by orchards filled with an extraordinary aroma of fruits. Flower lovers have a unique opportunity to see the blooming of roses in the rose garden (only until October). There you can also visit the memorial to the victims of communism and the mirror labyrinth.

Going down the hill, tourists find themselves on Hradcany Square, on the way to which you should pay attention to the Strahov Monastery, which is located on the left. Also on the way you can look at the Cherninsky Palace and Loreta.

Also adjacent to the square are:

  • Tuscan Palace;
  • museum of miniatures;
  • Schwarzenberg Palace.

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If you go further, you can find yourself in the famous Prague Castle, which will take at least three hours to see.

After all, there is a large number of ancient buildings - temples, palaces, museums, as well as the largest castle complexes in Europe.

Also inside the Castle are:

  • Deliborka tower;
  • the chapel of the Holy Cross;
  • sculpture "Clash of the Titans";
  • the gate of Matthias;
  • the fountain of Jerome Kohl;
  • Black Tower;
  • deer ditch;
  • Royal Garden;
  • Lobkowicz Palace.

The capital of the Czech Republic has many ancient castles, each of which has its own history, surrounded by legends.

They look especially attractive in autumn. In 5 days, you can independently look at at least those of them that are located in Prague itself or near it.

  1. The Prague Castle, located in Hradcany, one of the oldest districts of Prague, looks incomparable. There is another unique building near the capital - the oldest castle Křivolakt.
  2. Fans of the foamy drink should definitely visit the Mnisek pod Brdy estate, famous for its excellent black beer.
  3. And Louceni Castle, built in the Baroque style, is known for its labyrinths, thanks to which it even got into the Guinness Book of Records.
  4. Prague is also famous for its cozy restaurants, where visitors can taste the famous Czech beer and enjoy a glass of delicious wine. It is better to book a table by the window in order to admire the beautiful views of the evening city during dinner.

One of 5 days of independent travel in Prague can be devoted to the zoo, which will delight both adults and children. It will take a day to get around the entire territory of 60 hectares.

What to see at the zoo in autumn:

  1. African home - a pasture with walking giraffes and antelopes.
  2. Gorilla pavilion.
  3. Salamandrium. Here you can see the largest amphibians on the planet - Chinese salamanders.
  4. The Jungle Pavilion is a huge rainforest greenhouse.
  5. Valley of elephants with animals of the same name.
  6. Cable car.
  7. Pavilion with gavials - an endangered species of crocodiles.


  1. A month is not enough to see all the sights of Prague on your own. But you should not despair: as an option, you can choose the ones that interest you most and create your own route for 5 days.
  2. In autumn, it is recommended to visit old castles and famous Czech parks, famous for their well-groomed and cozy atmosphere.
  3. It will be interesting to see exotic animals in the Prague Zoo. Moreover, some species are considered endangered and are found only there.
  4. You will have to spend about three hours on a tour of Prague Castle, since a huge number of museums, palaces, temples and entire castle complexes are concentrated on its territory.
  5. It is also worth paying attention to the city of Jews, where there are a large number of cultural, architectural and historical monuments. The town is located on the territory of the Jewish ghetto, so the atmosphere is peculiar there.
  6. In winter, Old Town Square and Charles Bridge will surprise you with their fabulous festive views.

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