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Delicious and inexpensive: 5 best places to eat in Moscow
Delicious and inexpensive: 5 best places to eat in Moscow

Video: Delicious and inexpensive: 5 best places to eat in Moscow

Video: Delicious and inexpensive: 5 best places to eat in Moscow
Video: Ultimate Russian Food in Moscow!! STURGEON OF KINGS + Epic Beef Stroganoff in Russia! 2023, May

There is a stereotype that it is very expensive in Moscow institutions and that in order to go somewhere you need to shell out a fortune. We hasten to refute this: many cozy places have appeared in the city, where you can eat not only tasty, but also inexpensively.

Brtuchechnaya "Levon's"

“Levon’s” is the first brtuchechny chain in Russia. Here they prepare a healthy and tasty Armenian brtuch - a dish made from thin lavash, in which a juicy filling of beef and poultry meat, salted cheese, and fresh vegetables is wrapped. Brtuch is dressed with homemade sauces without flavor enhancers and preservatives.

The cost of the brtuch varies from 169 to 289 rubles, depending on the size. At the same time, the ratio of price and quality is ideal: visitors are offered only natural products at affordable prices.

Here you can also find mountain teas, lemonades of our own production and craft beer. The creators of the institution have not forgotten about the profitable sets: for example, Set # 1 (319 rubles) includes a hearty brtuch for 199 rubles (you can have enough of them alone), a drink, soup or potatoes of your choice.

The chain's establishments pay special attention to design, so in the brtuche room you can feel the atmosphere of a Soviet disco on the shore of the warm sea - what you need this summer.

Address: metro Kitay-gorod, Pokrovka, 3/7, building 1A; m. Vystavochnaya, SEC AFIMALL City, 5th floor, Presnenskaya emb. 2; m. Kaluzhskaya, TC "Kaluzhsky", st. Profsoyuznaya, 61A; m. Alma-Atinskaya, TC "Klyuchevoy", st. Borisovskie Ponds, 26.

People as people

"People as People" is a cozy little old-timer cafe, which is more than 13 years old. One of the first places where the sandwich bar format appeared, where you can have a quick and tasty breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The menu includes hot sandwiches (from 190 rubles), a variety of pies (from 190 to 220 rubles), original fruit and milkshakes (from 180 to 200 rubles), which are so loved by office workers and young people. You can take your food with you to have a picnic on the street later.

For all the years of its existence, nothing has changed in the restaurant: neither the service format, nor the recipe for sandwiches and cocktails. Therefore, all dishes here, despite their simplicity, have an incredible taste. The only thing is that in the evenings the cafe can be a little crowded.

Address: metro Kitay-gorod, Solyansky blind alley, house ¼.

Pete Brad

A small cafe with a more than original name. The bread at Pete Brad is baked by themselves, and they are very proud of it. The place is quite compact: there are 6 seats in total. Behind a cozy green door, the food is really tasty: the menu includes steaks, soups, salads, several types of hummus and sandwiches.

They say that you should definitely try hummus with pita chips made in a local kosher bakery (290 rubles per 100 grams).

Vegetarians can afford a salad based on cereals, legumes, bulgur, lentils and chickpeas, or, for example, quinoa (180 rubles). And there are so many soups here that your eyes run wild.

Regular visitors often order creamy celery soup with green butter or carrot soup with coconut milk (160-180 rubles).

Fans of non-standard flavor combinations will definitely like this place.

Address: M. Polyanka, Brodnikov lane, 8.

SOS. Cafe

SOS. Cafe is a sausage shop from the owner of a chain of Georgian cafes, Khatuna Kolbaia. The main dish here is different types of sausages: from Munich white pork to European beef with black pepper and coriander. Sausages are accompanied by 14 sauces to choose from and a side dish that changes from season to season.

Instead of sausages, vegetarians are offered carrots prepared using the "suvid" technology, ie. under vacuum. You can also choose a side dish and sauce for carrots.

If you don’t want to assemble a set of sausages, side dishes and sauce (320 rubles), then you can order one of six types of hot dogs, a burger (from 360 to 450 rubles) or a rich cream soup with bagels and mozzarella (260 rubles.).

In addition, the sausage house is famous for its sweet necks (420 rubles) in the form of ice cream cocktails, decorated with donuts and toppings on top.

The main thing is not to stick together.

Address: m. Chistye Prudy, Myasnitskaya street, house 11.


The founders of the Brusnika cafe chain wanted to “make food in the city democratic and beautiful,” and they succeeded. That is why the chain's establishments represent European-style cuisine with large showcases and ready-made, but at the same time fresh dishes: salads, appetizers, hot dishes, desserts and pastries.

The fast casual format, that is, fast and high-quality food, is embodied here in set meals (300-350 rubles). They include salad, soup, main course and a drink. Regular visitors especially appreciate pastries and pastries, so you should come here to take a lingonberry cheesecake (145 rubles) or a tartlet with fresh berries as a snack (195 rubles).

Address: m. Chistye Prudy, Chistoprudny Boulevard, 15, building 1; metro Kitay-gorod, Maroseyka st., 8; m. Prospect Mira, Prospect Mira, 49; m. Street 1905 Goda, Presnensky Val str., 3; Arbatskaya metro station, Bolshoy Kislovsky lane, 1/12.

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