The abundance of wrinkles is an indicator of bone fragility
The abundance of wrinkles is an indicator of bone fragility

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Many women are actively fighting wrinkles, a sign of aging. We try to lead a healthy lifestyle, follow a diet, use high-quality cosmetics. However, all of this may not be very effective if you have a predisposition to osteoporosis. As American scientists have found out, the more wrinkles a woman has, the weaker her skeleton.

A team led by Lubna Paul conducted an experiment in which 114 postmenopausal women took part. Scientists assessed the condition of their face and neck skin by the number and depth of wrinkles. They determined the elasticity of the skin and bone density of the participants using a special ultrasound device.

“At one glance, without expensive tests, doctors can preliminarily assess the state of the skeletal system and, for example, warn a woman about a high risk of fractures, prescribe a detailed examination or preventive treatment,” emphasizes Lubna Pol.

It turned out that wrinkled women have the weakest skeleton. “The more wrinkles a woman has and the deeper they are, the less bone density,” the researchers explain. "This correlation is the same for all parts of the skeleton and has no relation to age, constitution or body weight."

Scientists explain that, most likely, the noted connection between wrinkles and bone density can be explained by a similar "recipe" that the body uses to form bone and integumentary tissues.

“We will continue clinical and laboratory research and think that we will develop cheaper ways to diagnose high risk of fractures,” concludes the author of the study, noting that modern and accurate diagnostic methods are too expensive. Additional research will take several years, specifies. Therefore, now scientists recommend looking in the mirror more often and seeking help not only from a beautician, but also from other specialists.

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