Jamie Dornan doesn't want to star in 50 Shades of Gray sequel
Jamie Dornan doesn't want to star in 50 Shades of Gray sequel
Video: Jamie Dornan doesn't want to star in 50 Shades of Gray sequel
Video: Why Jamie Dornan Would Never Play Another Role Like 'Fifty Shades' 2023, February

The discussions on the erotic thriller "50 Shades of Gray" have not yet subsided, as the discussion of the filming of the sequels of the tape is already beginning. And it seems that again it will not do without intrigue. According to rumors, the performer of the role of Christian Gray, Jamie Dornan (Jamie Dornan) is not at all eager to continue shooting.


At one time, Jamie very carefully prepared for the role of a sadomasochistic millionaire. He not only carefully read the sensational novel, but also visited the relevant institutions. Now the actor is well versed in matters of exotic sexual pleasures, but he does not want to return to this topic, British tabloids write.

By the way, just recently Jamie Dornan was named "Sexiest" by Glamor magazine.

In addition, Dornan's wife does not really like to see her husband in explicit scenes. And if the shooting in the first part of the picture was justified by the fact that it promised a breakthrough in his career, now the wife of the star does not see the need to continue shooting. In addition, the actor is somewhat embarrassed by criticism from a number of film reviewers - according to the pros, the leading actors lacked passion.

Previously, director Sam Taylor-Johnson (Sam Taylor-Johnson) confirmed the fact of working on sequels under the titles "Fifty Shades Darker" and "50 Shades of Freedom." But, according to the forecasts of journalists, the shooting of the sequels of the erotic drama will be delayed due to the fact that the author of the original book, E.L. E.L. James demanded script control. According to rough estimates, if James undertakes to process the scripts and make changes to them, then the first sequel to the drama will not be released until late 2016 or early 2017.

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