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How to sterilize jars in an electric oven
How to sterilize jars in an electric oven
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During the preparation of home preservation, one of the most important processes is the sterilization of cans. The hostesses spend it in an electric oven. In order not to spoil the dishes, you need to know the temperature, mode and time for sterilization.

Sterilization rules

In order for the banks to stand all winter, they must be sterilized. Quite often, an electric oven is used for the process, in which the temperature, mode and time are set.

If the process of sterilization of cans is carried out incorrectly, then bacteria begin to multiply inside the container. In addition to the fact that these blanks will not stand for a long time, the use of such products in food is extremely dangerous to health.

If you use an electric oven, you do not need to sterilize each can separately. By setting the correct temperature, time and operating mode of the stove, you can process all containers at the same time. After all, the capacity of the oven is much larger than that of a conventional microwave oven.

Using the oven, you can process both full and empty containers.

Before proceeding with the processing of the container, it is worthwhile to thoroughly wash the jars. It is best to use a dish detergent. It is worth paying attention to the fact that there are no chips and cracks on the banks, otherwise they will burst during processing. It is good if the cans are processed with soda.

When using the oven, the temperature should be no more than 150 degrees. The holding time of the container in the oven is different, depending on the volume. If a jar with a capacity of 0.5 liters, then it should be inside for no more than 15 minutes, but a three-liter jar can stand in the oven for 30 minutes.

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When carrying out sterilization, the hostess should be careful, since the temperature inside the oven is quite high. Pay attention to the following rules:

  • after the cans are in the oven, they need to be taken out with the help of special gloves that will not let the heat through;
  • so that the jar does not crack, you need to turn it upside down and put it on a soft surface, it is better in this case to use a towel;
  • in addition, the jars must cool slowly. To do this, cover them with a towel;
  • do not use wet potholders, as the jar may not withstand a sharp temperature drop;
  • you need to hold the jar with both hands so that it does not fall out.

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Only jars can be sterilized in the oven. Lids are not sent to the oven. They are placed in a saucepan, poured over with water and boiled for 15 minutes. You need to carefully remove the lids from the pan, it is better to drain the boiling water, and then remove the lids using special tongs.

How to properly sterilize jars in an electric oven

Many people have no gas in their apartment now; electric stoves are installed in the kitchen. The sterilization process takes place as follows:

  • before sending the cans for sterilization, they must be washed in any of the ways indicated above;
  • if the jars are wet, then they need to be placed upside down, if dry, then on the bottom;
  • the temperature is set the same as in the gas stove: 150 degrees. A three-liter jar should stand in the oven for at least 20 minutes, and if the jars are small, then they stand in the oven for no more than 10 minutes.

When using an electric oven, you can quickly sterilize jars and close vegetables and fruits in them.

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