We treat colds without harm to the body
We treat colds without harm to the body
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With the onset of the cold season, each of us is afraid to catch a cold or catch the flu. The direct culprits of ARVI (acute respiratory viral infections) and ARI (acute respiratory diseases) are viruses that enter the nasopharynx, trachea and bronchi. In addition, a decrease in immunity leads to the fact that pathogens begin to multiply actively, causing pharyngitis, tonsillitis and other respiratory diseases.

As a result, many people manage to get flu or SARS several times during the winter. This is especially true for children and the elderly, whose body resistance is weaker than that of middle-aged people.

The common cold is dangerous with serious complications, therefore, timely treatment of the first symptoms of the disease is necessary, as well as constant prevention and strengthening of immunity.

Now in any pharmacy you can find many drugs that increase the body's resistance, as well as relieve the main manifestations of acute respiratory infections - cough, runny nose, sore throat.

What to choose for a speedy recovery without harm to the body?

Doctors believe that in cases where antibiotics can be dispensed with, it is preferable to use herbal medicines. In particular, the preparations of the German pharmaceutical company Bionorica AG. They are distinguished by high efficiency, good tolerance, as well as ease of use - both in adults and in children.

One of the most common respiratory problems is the common cold. At first glance, this is a harmless phenomenon, but if you start it, it can turn into a chronic form. Many people reduce the treatment regimen for the common cold to taking vasoconstrictor drops, which quickly eliminate nasal congestion, but can lead to overdrying of the mucous membrane. Drug the drug "Sinupret", intended for the treatment of acute and chronic sinusitis, contains a unique composition of five plants, due to which it has a complex effect: relieves inflammation and swelling, restores free breathing through the nose, effectively fights viruses, normalizes immunity and prevents a runny nose from developing into sinusitis.

Drug Sinupret drug can also be used in children from 2 years old.


Sore throat is a condition familiar to many. In 90% of cases, it is caused by various viruses. And for the treatment to be really effective, it is important not only to relieve pain, but also to help the body fight viruses and bacteria. A drug will help to do this. Tonsipret… The main component of Tonsipret is capsicum - a plant that has long been valued not only for its piquant taste, but also for its unique healing properties. Capsaicin, contained in red pepper, has a quick warming, pain relieving and anti-inflammatory effect, which allows you to quickly get rid of a sore throat. In addition, Tonsipret has an immunomodulatory effect.

Often, ARVI is accompanied by a sore throat. And it is not surprising: after all, the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity and throat is the first to encounter the influence of environmental factors, including viruses and bacteria, which cause an inflammatory reaction. Herbal medicinal product will help to cope with frequent colds and protect the body. Tonsilgon N… It has strong anti-inflammatory and antiviral effects.Tonsilgon N will strengthen the immune system, relieve pain and sore throat and accelerate the recovery period.

An important advantage of Tonsilgon N is that it can be taken from the first days of life in the form of drops. Dragee is suitable for adults and children of school age.

Cough is another common symptom of the common cold. In the treatment of bronchitis, expectorant drugs are used. Herbal preparations are especially popular - due to their effectiveness and safety. However, ready-made herbal preparations are much more convenient. One of the widely used and effective drugs of this series is Bronchipret… Studies have shown that Bronchipret has an antiviral effect against the main pathogens of ARVI, that is, it solves the primary task of treating acute bronchitis. In addition, the drug Bronchipret has anti-inflammatory, antiviral and bronchodilatory effects. An important difference is the absence of an increase in the volume of sputum when taking Bronchipret (the effect of "flooding the bronchi"), which is important for very young children who cannot cough up phlegm.

Bronchipret in the form of a syrup can be used from the age of three months, drops - from 6 years, tablets - from 12 years.

All herbal medicinal preparations produced by Bionorica AG (Germany) are very effective and are excellently tolerated. However, for any disease, you should consult your doctor. Only a specialist can make the correct diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Don't forget about disease prevention, which will help you avoid colds and flu. Therefore, try to pay more attention to your health. Take multivitamins and means to increase immunity: this will strengthen the body's defenses during the period of the SARS epidemic. You also need proper nutrition, exercise, fresh air, a rational daily routine and a healthy lifestyle. Remember, a cold is easier to prevent than to cure. Take care of yourself and stay healthy, and Sinupret drug will help you with this!

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