Win "Paradise by the Sea!"
Win "Paradise by the Sea!"
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Win "Paradise by the Sea!"

Summer months are a wonderful time to relax: outings with friends, walks from morning to evening, beach parties, meeting with girlfriends - there is so much to do! With such a rhythm of life (and even on "such days"), you want to constantly feel fresh and clean, so that nothing distracts from summer pleasures. This will help you:

  • Alwayswho will give you the best protection and confidence these days;
  • Discreetkeeping the feeling of freshness all day long: in any heat you will feel as if you just left the shower;
  • Tampax - it will help to keep clean even on "these days";
  • Naturellathat gives a feeling of freshness and cares for your delicate skin as delicately as nature itself.

Choosing a reliable and fresh protection, you will calmly go about your business and relax for your pleasure throughout the summer, especially on "days like this"! And to make the holiday memorable for a long time, Procter & Gamble announced a campaign for self-confident girls "Win Paradise by the Sea" with truly summer prizes. The promotion runs from July 1 to September 30, 2008.

Everyone who takes part in the promotion gets a chance to win trip to the sea… In this case, you yourself can plan your vacation by choosing a country and time of travel from 04.08.08 to 31.05.09. * A trip for two to a 4-star hotel in Turkey or Egypt for 8 days is raffled off every week. In total during the promotion will be drawn 13 trips to the sea! Also, every day during the promotion, there is a raffle 3 Braun epilators - total 276 epilators during the promotion!

Buy large packs of any of the Tampax, Always, Naturella or Discreet brands. Send an SMS to number 3299 with the word more in Latin letters, a space, the last 4 digits of the barcode from the package, a space and a check number. And forget about worries for the whole summer!

If you win one of the prizes, our operator will contact you and tell you how you can get it.

You can familiarize yourself with the terms of the promotion on the website: and by calling the Hotline number: 8-800-555-2008.

We will publish the names of the winners every week.

Braun epilator won this week:

Winners names

  1. Vakhitova Minera Sharipovna
  2. Olga Poda
  3. Kozlova Ksenia Alexandrovna
  4. Elena A. Neymysheva
  5. Simurina Elena Viktorovna
  6. Shumskaya Anastasia Yurievna
  7. Reimer Elena Alekseevna
  8. Brusochkina Nina Alexandrovna
  9. Malysheva Olga Valerievna
  10. Konischeva Anna Yakovlevna
  11. Sarafanova Elena Alexandrovna
  12. Krikunova Elena Vladimirovna
  13. Kacheva Elena Vasilievna

* Except for two periods from 22.12.2008-12.01.2009 and from 27.04.2009-11.05.2009.

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