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Composition based on Gerasimov's painting "After the Rain" for the 6th grade
Composition based on Gerasimov's painting "After the Rain" for the 6th grade
Video: Composition based on Gerasimov's painting "After the Rain" for the 6th grade
Video: Color mixing in painting "After the rain". Vladimir Volegov 2023, February

It can be quite difficult for children to write creative work at school. But it will not be possible to avoid surrendering such a task. Let's consider different versions of the composition based on Gerasimov's painting "After the Rain" for the 6th grade.

According to plan

Many teachers recommend in writing creative works to draw up a diagram that will be convenient to rely on. Carrying out the work according to the plan, the student improves self-organization and learns to organize information.


  1. What is the plot of the picture?
  2. Description of the situation.
  3. Background.
  4. In what technique was the picture painted?
  5. Emotions of the author of the composition.

“Gerasimov's painting“After the Rain”presents us with nature after this natural phenomenon. We see a small terrace and a piece of a summer cottage. There are small puddles left by the rain on the bench and on the floor. There is a glass on the table, which may have fallen due to gusts of wind.

We do not see the entire terrace, only a small part of it. The pillars support the roof, and the garden can be accessed by going down the stairs. I think that people living in this house often come out here in the evenings to share a family dinner. Now there is no one here - apparently, everyone is inside, hiding from the rain.

The table with carved legs is also covered with water. On it is a vase with flowers, some of the petals of which have already fallen. Apparently, the wind was really strong, since even the bouquet suffered. I think these flowers were collected by the mistress of the house in her garden to decorate the terrace, but forgot about them when the heavy rain began to fall.

Slightly less striking is the lush green garden. The artist used many different shades to depict him. There are a lot of trees in the garden, and an outbuilding is visible in the distance.

On the right side there is a house with an adjoining terrace. It is interesting that Gerasimov did not depict all objects clearly. Lines are blurry, do not have a definite outline. Even the leaves and small details are a brushstroke. But it seems to me a good move, appropriate for such a picture. The colors combine in a very interesting way to create whimsical hues.

I really liked the picture, because I love rain, it causes indescribable emotions in me. After it, a special atmosphere is created, the whole world seems to be renewed. Gerasimov perfectly conveyed the beauty of nature, he is a real master of the brush!"

You can do more or less points of the plan - it all depends on the specifics of the assignment.

Abridged version

Writing essays concisely is not as easy as it might seem. In such work, all the most important should be highlighted, describing your impressions clearly and concisely. For example:

"The author of the painting" After the Rain "Gerasimov AM decided to show us all the beauty of nature. We see a garden and a small terrace. Each painted object glistens with water. I was struck by a table on beautiful legs, a vase of flowers standing on it.

Everything is wet after the rain. It feels like the terrace has just been painted. If you look closely at the picture, you can see the corner of the house, see the shadows on the veranda. A small shed or shed is visible behind. There is a lot of greenery in the garden - grass, bushes, trees. Juicy colors are pleasing to the eye.

The picture evokes good emotions in me. It was like I was back in the village with my grandparents. When it rained, our site looked the same. It was very comfortable to sit in the house with a cup of warm tea and look out the window, listening to my grandfather's stories. And then go out and run barefoot on the wet grass."

In this essay, you can pay more attention to the emotions evoked by the painting.

Detailed essay

If you need to write a large essay based on Gerasimov's painting "After the Rain", a 6th grade student can use the following text:

“The painting“After the Rain”shows a veranda made of wood.I think it's late spring or early summer. The artist painted the first moments after a heavy downpour. Everything around is glistening with water, and it looks incredibly beautiful. All the furniture and the floor, the stairs are flooded with rain. You can see puddles in which surrounding objects are reflected.

On a large table, which is probably used for dining, is a vase of flowers. They must have been gathered in the garden. Several petals fell to the surface of the table. There is also a tumbled glass near the vase. Perhaps he was overturned by the owners of the house when they ran inside to hide from the rain. Or he could not withstand the pressure of the elements and fell due to the wind.

The wet branches of the trees bent down. The remaining drops drip from the leaves. All the plants in this garden look beautiful, the rain seemed to renew them. The sky is still dark, but soon it will become light, and the artist accurately conveyed this through the use of different shades. The garden will sparkle with new colors after the sun comes out. Birds will begin to sing, delighting the owners of the house. Nature breathes after the rain.

I also see a small building in the distance. It seems to me that this is a bathhouse. Near it there is a lawn with grass, which will grow rapidly after the rain. It's good to play and have fun here, or just relax. If the owners of the house have children, they will definitely be pleased with the green meadow given to them by the rain.

I am amazed at the richness of the colors used by Gerasimov. He carefully thought out every stroke, conveying this amazing atmosphere that reigns after the rain. There is an opportunity to indulge in thought, enjoy the beauty of nature and silence. The picture evokes amazing emotions that are difficult to describe in words. Summer is immediately remembered, my soul becomes warm”.

You can also add information about the author of the painting or technique in which he wrote "After the rain".

"After the rain" - beautiful landscape

One more example:

“In my opinion, the painting After the Rain is a real masterpiece. Gerasimov subtly conveyed nature, unusual atmosphere and mood. It must be summer. Everything around is green and bright, the colors are beautiful and rich. Apparently, there was a wind during the rain, as the flowers on the table were disheveled, and the glass fell by the vase. The floor is all wet and full of puddles.

Probably, before the rain began, someone was sitting on the terrace. Maybe the family decided to discuss the past day, but the elements prevented them. According to the situation, I conclude that people left here in a hurry, which means that it was raining heavily. Looking at the picture, I seem to hear the rustle of drops falling from the foliage, I feel this fresh air, which allows me to breathe deeply. It's amazing how the artist was able to convey the atmosphere.

After the Rain is an amazing creation. It is alive and sincere, mesmerizing with its colors. It is impossible to take your eyes off him, you want to admire and look for new details. I think it's good to look at such a picture in winter, when there is nostalgia for warm days."

The painting "After the Rain" really evokes a lot of emotions. Describing them in an essay can be difficult, especially for 6th grade students. Therefore, they can use the above options for creative work.


  1. It is worth paying attention to the technique used by Gerasimov - all strokes are blurry, there are no clear contours.
  2. We can assume the development of events before the start of the rain - who rested here, why the glass fell, etc.
  3. It is very important to mention your emotions caused by the painting, to tell what it is associated with.

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