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Will there be congenital malformations in 2020 due to coronavirus
Will there be congenital malformations in 2020 due to coronavirus
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The latest news in the media reflects many important aspects of everyday life that were forced to change in 2020 due to the coronavirus. Parents and schoolchildren are worried about the question: what will happen to the VPR - All-Russian testing works? Do you intend to carry out an early stage of the exam, when is the postponement scheduled?

How is the situation with testing and educational process

Before the start of a long rest period, which the Russian authorities were forced to introduce in 2020 due to the coronavirus, the Ministry of Education on March 27 announced the official dates for the postponement of the Unified State Exam and the OGE. Messages that have appeared indicated that the start of the summer exams has been delayed.

  1. At the end of March, the official deadline for the postponement of the USE was announced as two weeks. Since the official date was previously set for the last Monday in May (and this was May 25), the new date has been officially announced on June 8.
  2. According to preliminary data, the first OGE will take place on June 9. It will be Tuesday, and the rest of the dates will still be revised taking into account the calendar weekend.
  3. Cancellation of the early stage necessitated re-registration, which was originally supposed to take place before April 1. Now that the long weekend has been extended due to the coronavirus, the final date for submitting a new application has also been postponed, this can be done until April 8.

The question of whether there will be CDM in 2020 seemed logical for those who learned about the abolition of early testing and the postponement of the USE and USE. Moreover, the Ministry of Education indicated the new dates as approximate. They may still be corrected due to the coronavirus raging in 2020.

Rosobrnadzor announced that the dates will be postponed again in case of unfavorable developments. It was added in the message that in this case, the Ministry will only be happy if there is no need to worry about the postponement of the new deadlines.

The situation with verification work in the current academic year

The question of the probable cancellation or postponement of the All-Russian test works does not bother only 10th and 11th grade students and their parents. In the first half of March, they wrote their works, so it does not concern them whether there will be a VLOOKUP at all, and if so, for how long have they been postponed.

It is said that March 30 is customary for conducting All-Russian testing, but during this period, a long weekend with parents has already begun, and classes have been canceled for schoolchildren. Additional days of rest The Russian government was forced to introduce in 2020 due to the global coronavirus pandemic.

The situation is very serious: more than 67 thousand people have died from complications of the infection in the world. To avoid the sad fate of countries in which the spread of infection has reached huge numbers, a self-isolation regime was introduced. The use of a preventive measure to curb the spread of infection has led to the closure of educational institutions of all levels.

The answer to the question of whether there will be VPR is contained in the latest order of Rosobrnadzor. Nobody is going to cancel the All-Russian Testing Works. The administrations of schools and educational institutions can conduct them at any time they deem convenient. The only condition for such an instruction is that VLOOKUP must be carried out before the end of the official end of the academic year.

Various options for the development of events

The implementation of the curriculum during self-isolation takes place in distance learning mode. In big cities, there are the necessary conditions for this, and students of some schools and universities are already studying according to this system.

The Ministry of Education intends to work on training programs and ensure wide access to them. Some part of the responsibilities will fall on the parents, especially since they are also on a long vacation.Teachers in schools will retain their previous salary only if the curriculum is fulfilled.

As for the conduct of All-Russian verification works, several options are provided for their organization:

  1. In settlements in which there are no cases of coronavirus infection or there are not many of them, and all known cases are dated to a distant time, the school administration has the right to conduct a CDC in April or May, despite the imposed quarantine.
  2. Where there is a dangerous epidemiological situation (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Leningrad and Sverdlovsk regions), in educational institutions that have switched to distance learning, the scenario of conducting CDF remotely is likely. Each educational institution will choose the appropriate algorithm and regulations.
  3. Until the end of the school year, the school administration can choose days for class parallels, and then disinfect the premises. And this can be easily done right after leaving an unexpectedly long vacation. Or you can - after intensive training, designed to remember the training material.

The answer to the question of whether the VLOOKUP will be carried out this academic year, or whether it will be canceled, is unambiguously decided in favor of the indispensable holding. No one will leave children for the second year due to the coronavirus quarantine, albeit a prolonged one.

The Ministry of Education intends to solve this problem, leaving it to the discretion of the school administration. Therefore, it is better to look at the date of the alleged VLOOK on the official website of the educational institution.


  1. All-Russian verification work will not be canceled due to the epidemic.
  2. The determination of the date of the event is entrusted to the administration of the educational institution. Information should be posted on the official website.
  3. You can find out about the date by contacting the class teacher.
  4. All further changes will be made taking into account the epidemiological situation in a particular settlement.

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