The Cuban handsome became the winner of the "New Wave"
The Cuban handsome became the winner of the "New Wave"
Video: The Cuban handsome became the winner of the "New Wave"
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One of the brightest musical events of the summer has come to an end. The day before in Jurmala, the results of the "New Wave" competition were summed up. The jury, headed by composer and producer Igor Krutoy, selected the best out of 16 contestants who came from different countries. Unfortunately, Russian performers did not make it to the top three.

The winner of the competition was the young Cuban performer Roberto Kel Torres. The guy received an award of 50 thousand euros. The second place and 30 thousand euros went to Salome Katamadze from Georgia, the third and 20 thousand euros to the performer from Vietnam Vin Huat.

It is worth noting that Roberto received the award deservedly. The guy showed great vocals and good artistry. The audience was delighted (after the Cuban's performance on the first day of the competition, some even noticed that there was no point in continuing the "New Wave").

This year, the competition was quite calm, without scandals and sensations. Unless only on the weekend there were rumors about the pregnancy of Igor Nikolaev's wife Yulia, who appeared in Jurmala in a spacious robe. But the girl hastened to refute the rumors: “I am not pregnant and have never given birth, although if you calculate how many times I have already become pregnant in journalistic materials, I could well become a heroine mother. Alla Borisovna wears robes all her life and for some reason they do not attribute such rumors to her. We are working with Igor on this, but so far all rumors about pregnancy are just rumors."

Recall that this year, for the first time in the history of the competition, all participants sang live. “Performing outside of a phonogram is a normal European standard,” Igor Krutoy, the organizer of the event, emphasized more than once. At the end of the competition, the producer remarked: “It was felt that the New Wave contestants were worried, performing live songs in front of the jury and the audience. On the third or fourth day, they were liberated."

By the way, the Russian Arseny Borodin received the Audience Award. The Muz-TV channel presented its award - a certificate for the rotation of a video clip on the TV channel - to the Russian woman Yulia Tereshchenko. This year, the FRUKTY groups and the Santa Barbara duet also performed on the New Wave from Russia.

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