Paris Jackson tried to commit suicide
Paris Jackson tried to commit suicide

Video: Paris Jackson tried to commit suicide

Video: Paris Jackson Rushed to Hospital 2022, December

An eerie incident has taken place in the Jackson Star Clan. The daughter of King of Pop Michael Jackson, 15-year-old Paris, cut her veins. Fortunately, there was no tragedy. The girl is hospitalized and her life is out of danger.

The misfortune happened on Wednesday morning. Paris quarreled with relatives who did not allow her to go to the concert of rocker Marilyn Manson. The clarification of the relationship was quite stormy, and after a quarrel, the girl locked herself in her room, where she tried to commit suicide. She cut her veins, but the wounds were shallow. The girl was hospitalized.

According to tabloid TMZ, this is not the first attempt by Paris to commit suicide. But the current incident is already something more serious than an attempt by a capricious child to attract attention to himself.

The representative of the Jackson family, Perry Sanders, told reporters that the physical condition of Paris is "normal", but it is obvious that she needs psychological help. “Sometimes it’s difficult for sensitive 15-year-olds to understand what’s happening to you,” said Sanders. "And it's especially difficult when you've lost your closest person." She also urged the press and fans to respect the privacy of the Jackson family.

We will remind, Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009 at the 51st year of life. Examination showed that the cause of death of 50-year-old Jackson was an overdose of the potent anesthetic "propofol", which was administered to him by his personal physician Conrad Murray (Conrad Murray). The doctor was charged with manslaughter. In November 2011, Murray was sentenced to four years in prison.

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