French top model tried to commit suicide
French top model tried to commit suicide

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The famous French top model Noémie Lenoir tried to commit suicide. Fortunately, the girl was hospitalized on time. Now Noemi is out of danger, and the police are investigating the circumstances of the incident.

According to the tabloids, Noemie tried to commit suicide at the house of her lover, football player Claude Maclene. The girl first called an ambulance to the house, and then she herself canceled the application. After that, she left in an unknown direction.

The unconscious girl was found by passers-by in the Parisian park of Cel-Saint-Cloud. They found medicines with her in the park, which she took shortly before losing consciousness. The investigation believes that the model drank a life-threatening cocktail of drugs and alcohol.

Nothing is reported about the reasons and motives for the mannequin's action. Sources from the environment of the model speak about the experienced "despair" and "painful state" of the girl. By attempting suicide, she wanted to draw attention to her problems.

Friends of the model suggest that she tried to commit suicide because of her new lover - 29-year-old Swiss millionaire Karl Hirschman.

Noémie Lenoir began her career at the age of sixteen, when she was offered a job as a model in 1996 at the Paris Post Office when she was buying stamps. At first, she was reluctant to enter the fashion world. But in the end she conquered Paris, and then New York. She posed for glossy publications, and then tried herself in the role of an actress. Film career Lenoir also developed well, she starred in the films "Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra", "Reckoning", "Rush Hour".

Noemie Lenoir and Claude Makelene started dating in 2003. Five years ago, Lenoir gave birth to a son from the captain of the Paris Saint-Germain football club. Recently, their relationship has developed unstably. According to the media, Claude was not at home at the time of the tragedy. The footballer was at one of the social events, where he was presented with an award for achievements in sports.

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