Ruslana Korshunova died because of money?
Ruslana Korshunova died because of money?

Video: Ruslana Korshunova died because of money?

Video: Ruslana Korshunova 2022, December

The domestic press continues to discuss the causes of death of the famous model. Relatives and acquaintances of the tragically deceased Ruslana Korshunova do not believe in the official version of "suicide". As it turns out, police officials are also considering other versions.

An accident is not ruled out - the girl could bend over the railing of her balcony in order to push aside a special polyethylene net that covered the facade of the house (for several days the workers had been painting the walls). Tall, emotional and physical fatigue, awkward movement - and the girl was behind the railing.

One small detail speaks against suicide. On the set of the commercial for Nina Ricci, the model was raised almost to the ceiling of the studio. At some point, she stumbled, and horror was reflected on her face. She was clearly afraid of heights. So, having decided to commit suicide, she, most likely, would have chosen a different method, the Izvestia newspaper believes.

Another version is serious financial problems that drove the girl to suicide. “Her life was far from fabulous,” says Vladislav Novgorodtsev, a trainer at the Rose of the World Moscow School of Personal Growth, which Ruslana has attended for a long time. - She did not earn practically anything, she was not paid for the last two shootings. I asked for a loan from a friend of the "Rose of the World" 10 thousand rubles for a ticket to Moscow. I strongly doubt that she could decide to take her own life because of unhappy love. Rather, out of revenge or despair."

Finally, the third version has something in common with the second - money again.

According to Roman Aleksandrov, host of the Show-Boom! Kazakh TV channel KTK, "Ruslana accidentally found out that her agents were simply robbing her, regularly underpaying fees."

“As far as I understand, Ruslana filed a lawsuit, and it was about the amount of almost half a million dollars. Who knows how the process would end? And if in favor of Ruslana? So maybe it was just removed so as not to pay the money? I do not believe that she could have committed suicide,”says Roman Aleksandrov.

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