Ruslana Korshunova will be buried at home
Ruslana Korshunova will be buried at home

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The famous model Ruslan Korshunov, who died tragically last Saturday, will be buried in Kazakhstan. At the consulate of Kazakhstan, the United States is busy preparing the necessary documents, but the date of sending the girl's body home has not yet been announced.

According to the Consul of Kazakhstan in the United States, Raushan Esbulatova, Korshunova's mother Valentina Kutenkova turned to them with a request to organize the shipment of Ruslana's body to her homeland, RIA Novosti reports. The consul noted that it is still difficult to name the date of departure, stressing, however, that the consulate will try to have time to prepare all the necessary documents by Friday.

We will remind, according to the official version, 20-year-old Korshunova committed suicide by jumping out of the window of her New York apartment, located on the ninth floor of a house in Manhattan. However, according to friends, the girl had no reason to commit suicide.

Several versions of the tragedy are being discussed in the American press and on Russian forums, writes Komsomolskaya Pravda."

1. Korshunova suffered from depression due to problems at work and in her personal life. Investigators have not found the suicide note, but the files on the computer may well replace it. Shortly before her death, Ruslana wrote that she misses home and family, about problems in her personal life.

2. Murder. This version is supported by the unusual flight path of Ruslana's body. In his blog, someone R. P. Barr writes: “I was in New York and saw reports of suicides thrown out of windows. Their bodies fall near the wall of the house. Here the girl flew into the middle of the road. Jumping that far is simply impossible. It's another matter if someone strong pushed the girl."

3. The massacre of the mafia. "Ruslana's death may be related to her desperate desire to break free from the networks of the Paris-New York-Moscow mafia, which controls young teenage models and forces them to provide escort services to the rich," writes The Los Angeles Times.

4. Zombie. According to some reports, in January of this year, Korshunova attended psychological training at a Moscow company. They say she went through two stages - basic and advanced - and this greatly shattered her nervous system and aggravated her depression.

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