Britney has to die?
Britney has to die?

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Last year, bookmakers were betting on the death of the young wizard Harry Potter. It was assumed that J.K. Rowling will "finish off" in the last book of the Potter his character, but this still did not happen. Today society has become more violent - people are betting on the death of a real person.

On the When Is Britney Going to Die? visitors are offered to guess the date and time of Britney Spears' death to the nearest minute.

The creators of the site promise that the person who correctly indicated the time of death of the singer will receive the title of Mister (or Mrs.) Death and the PlayStation 3 game console. Everyone can indicate not only the date, but also the alleged cause of Spears' death.

The organizers of the competition do not say how the console will be delivered to the winner. The only information required from event participants when sending a response is the email address.

It sounds shocking, but as of January 10, there are already several thousand responses on the site.

Most of the survey participants are inclined to believe that Britney Spears will not survive 2008. "Each of us someday will go to another world, but Britney Spears and Amy Winehouse, apparently, are not going to wait for the appointed hour," - write the authors of the site.

The American tabloids several times reported on Britney's suicide attempt, but the rumors were never officially confirmed. In addition, the singer was recently diagnosed with manic-depressive psychosis. American addiction expert Marty Brenner believes that the singer is unlikely to survive this year. “Britney is in an illusory world that has nothing to do with reality, and, most likely, will not live until next Christmas, committing suicide,” stated Brenner.

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