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Stylish hairstyles for the New Year 2020
Stylish hairstyles for the New Year 2020

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New 2020 is already on the doorstep and it's time to think about what kind of hairstyle you will do for the party. After all, it must meet modern fashion trends, and also emphasize the dignity of appearance. Further in the article, we just presented examples of such styling.

Stylist tips

Before you start planning your hairstyle for the New Year, we suggest that you first study the recommendations below.

Always focus on your outfit. The styling should complement it

Keep in mind that bouncy curls and perfectly styled hairstyles are no longer in vogue. Therefore, give your preference to styling with natural curls, as well as options in which the strands are laid with slight negligence

Choose styling according to your face type. For example, for owners of a triangular appearance, options with bangs or light curls framing the cheekbones are suitable. Square-faced girls are also better off choosing asymmetrical hairstyles with locks hanging loose in the front. But beauties with a round and oval shape are an exception, since absolutely any styling will suit their appearance

Avoid strong hold styling products

A few days before X-Day, visit your hairdresser, update your haircut and perform treatments to restore the structure of your hair, so that your strands are obedient

Hairstyle Ideas for the New Year

The variety of evening hairstyles today is simply off scale. Below we have presented simple and effective options that will become a stylish highlight of your New Year's bow.

Short hair

On the basis of short haircuts, in addition to simple styling, you can also create beautiful and unusual hairstyles. The main thing is to get creative.

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  • With flagella. Part your hair lengthwise along the center part and brushed the front part fluffy. Fix it with invisible ones. Connect the ends of the fleece and the adjacent side strands, and then twist them into a “shell” and fix. Further, on each side, in turn, take the strands, twist them into bundles and wind them behind the “shell”, securing each with a hairpin. This hairstyle itself looks interesting, but if desired, it can be supplemented with a ribbon or hairpin.

Interesting! A special foam roller will help you to make your hairstyle more voluminous.

  • Stylish asymmetry. This hairstyle is suitable for owners of short haircuts without bangs. Part your hair along the side parting. Gather the back strands into a tight bun. Wrap the remaining hair on a curling iron and fluff it so that it lies freely.
  • Retro. Wash your hair and blow-dry it using a brush to add extra root volume to the strands. Divide the head of hair along the center parting and make a bouffant at the back. Fix it. Wind the remaining hair onto a large diameter curling iron. The front strands can be stabbed with an invisible back or left hanging free.
  • Openwork. Another styling that will look the best on short hair. To do this, divide the hair along the side parting. From the widest side, select the two outer strands and tie them into a loose knot, and then fix them with a small invisibility. These steps should be repeated until the end of the hair length. The rest of the shock can be grabbed with a hair clip, so that the styling turns out to be symmetrical or leave it loose. The same goes for the tips. They can be curled or straightened.

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Average length

Haircuts that reach the shoulder line are the perfect basis for creating many simple do-it-yourself hairstyles.

  • Braid of plaits. Make a voluminous fleece on the crown and fix it with invisible ones. Take the front side strands and twist them into bundles, and then connect them in the back with a small elastic band. Repeat the same steps with the remaining hair. At the final stage, tuck the ends of the strands inward.
  • A bundle. You can make a boring bunch more interesting in the following way. Curl your hair or dry it using the diffuser attachment to curl your hair into light waves. Braid a French braid. You should get it slightly shifted to the side. Roll it into a low bun and tuck the ends inward. Secure everything with hairpins. You can leave the finished hairstyle like this or give it a touch of sloppiness by slightly stretching the strands.
  • "Flashlights". Another spectacular hairstyle that will look great on medium length hair. Wind the hair on curlers or curling iron, and then fluff the resulting curls. Separate the front strands, and collect the rest of the hair in a low ponytail. Braid each remaining strand into a French braid, straighten it, and wrap the ends around the tail with an invisible one. Having retreated from the first elastic band the desired distance, tie another one. Pull up the strands so that you have a “ball” of hair between the elastic bands. Repeat the same steps to the end of the strand length.
  • Babette. Gather the hair in a low ponytail and, stepping back a few centimeters, tie another elastic band. Place a roller between the elastic bands at the bottom. Straighten your hair so that it completely covers the roller. Twist the ends of the strands into a voluminous bundle, circle around the first elastic band and fix with pins.

Long hair

Owners of beautiful long strands are incredibly lucky, as they can create many different hairstyles on their hair.

  • Curls. Classic styling that is always appropriate. In order to make it, the hair must be divided into sections. Pin up the top hair, and continue working with the bottom hair. Screw the first strand onto the curling iron, hold for a few seconds, and then carefully remove it from the device. You choose the width of the future curl and its direction. The same steps should be repeated with each strand.

Interesting! In order for the curls to keep their shape for a long time, after you remove the hair from the curling iron, without untwisting it, secure them with invisibility. Once the strands have cooled, they can be dissolved immediately.

  • "A la fishtail." One of the most unusual hairstyles for going to a New Year's 2020 party, which is also suitable for overweight women. Curl your hair into large curls and divide it into strands. Make a bulky bouffant and secure it at the crown. Separate the wide front strand and brush over it. Fix. You should also do with the opposite strand. The hairstyle can be left as it is, or you can grab a few more strands in the same way.
  • A bundle. On the one hand, separate a wide section, and collect the rest of the hair in a low ponytail and using a roller, make a bun. Secure it with pins. Leaving a few strands to hang loosely, tuck the remaining hair into a braid. Wrap the resulting bundle with it, and tuck the ends inward.

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  • Flower. A simple, yet very delicate hairstyle that can be easily reproduced on long hair. Curl the strands into curls and do a light bouffant on the crown. Gather the upper part of the head of hair and put it in a French braid, and then twist it so that it forms a flower. Fix the resulting bud with invisibility.

We hope that the photo tutorials presented in the article will help you make a stylish and fashionable hairstyle for the celebration of the New Year 2020.

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