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Massage mattresses for women
Massage mattresses for women

Video: Massage mattresses for women

Video: Massage mattresses for women
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Stress relief mattresses are an affordable alternative to regular classic massage. They are well suited for women who often experience a feeling of stiffness in the body, back and neck pain, headaches.


Often the cause of muscle fatigue and painful sensations is an uncomfortable posture at the office table, work on legs. Overextended muscles from day to day pinch blood vessels, which is why organs and tissues do not receive enough oxygen and nutrients. This leads to increased fatigue and poor health.

The massage mattress will take care of a comfortable rest, relax the body and improve sleep. To understand what type of product is needed to feel better, our article, which was helped by Evgeny Tarasov, Director of the Sales Department of the online store "", will help you.

What types of massage mattresses are

Stores offer mechanical massagers and massage mattresses for sleeping. Both those and other models normalize muscle tone, help to relax and recover. Let's consider their advantages, contraindications and fundamental differences.

Mechanical mattresses with massage unit

The mechanical massager operates from the mains and is controlled by an electronic unit using a remote control.

Air compression cushions, memory foam or high density foam are placed inside the product. In such models, the body is massaged by rollers or vibration motors rolling under the surface; in addition, heating and massage of individual zones can be provided.


Electronic massager with control panel

The massager is placed on a bed or on the floor (thin models can be used in an armchair) and the required program is started with the remote control. When the program is over, the device must be turned off. Sleeping on such a product is unacceptable.

Sleeping mattresses to relieve daytime stress

The main advantage of orthopedic products with massage effect, or anti-stress mattresses for women, is that they have no time limits for use: the body relaxes all night.

Inside such products - polyurethane foam or latex with a relief surface. Foam can be the only "filling" or combined with other fillers. Manufacturers can place low layers on top of an independent spring block, which helps to evenly distribute the load.


Springless mattress with embossed polyurethane foam top layers

On a surface pleasant for the body, a person quickly finds a comfortable position, plunges into many hours of restorative sleep.

Orthopedic models do not need a power supply, the elements will not break or get lost. Functionality, subject to the rules of operation, will remain throughout the entire warranty period - from 8 years and longer.

When to think about purchasing a massage mattress

If you are tired of back pain and want to fall asleep quickly and wake up easily, consider purchasing a “home massage therapist”.

Massage electromatras:

  • relieves increased muscle tone;
  • improves the quality of sleep;
  • helps to restore disturbed blood flow;
  • reduces pain in the back area, buttocks;
  • prevents the deposition of salts in the joints;
  • reduces the appearance of cellulite.

You cannot sleep on such models. An absolute contraindication for use is the period of exacerbation of osteochondrosis. In the presence of relative medical contraindications (for example, skin diseases), a doctor's consultation is necessary.

Models with massage effect:

  • relax your back muscles after a working day;
  • promote free blood circulation and natural lymph flow;
  • make the sleeping place more comfortable;
  • dispose to fall asleep quickly and sound sleep;
  • have a positive effect on the soft tissues of the whole body.

Sleeping models with a massage effect are suitable for every woman, regardless of the causes of fatigue and a feeling of weakness. Mattresses for constant sleep are effective in the complex therapy of osteochondrosis, to relieve muscle tension.

There is a large selection of goods in the catalogs of large dealers. As a rule, there is delivery to all regions of Russia. If it is difficult to decide on a purchase, you should read customer reviews or contact a specialized store consultant. He will answer all your questions and help you choose the right massage model at an attractive price.

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