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When is the Jewish Passover in 2022
When is the Jewish Passover in 2022

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Jewish Passover is celebrated on the 14th day of the spring month. The holiday has its own history and traditions, but despite the similar name to Orthodox Easter, there are some differences. Consider when there will be Jewish Passover in 2022, how it is celebrated and how Pesach differs from the Orthodox holiday.

Differences between Orthodox Easter and Jewish

The names of the Christian and Jewish holidays are similar, but despite this, there are differences in celebration and traditions:

  • Before moving on to celebrating the Jewish Passover, you need to clean the house and burn all the collected rubbish. This is especially true of bread crumbs and everything that is cooked on fermented products.
  • When celebrating Passover, Jews can drink no more than 4 glasses of wine, which symbolizes the liberation of the people from slavery.
  • During the holiday, that is, during the week, Jews are prohibited from eating food containing fermentation products. Do not eat bread at this time, do not drink beer and alcohol prepared on the basis of malt.
  • The main point of Pesach is the celebration of the exodus from Egypt. If we talk about Christian Easter, this is the time of the Lord's resurrection of the dead.
  • When setting the table, Jews use only new dishes. During the time when the Jewish people fled from Egyptian slavery, they did not have time to take anything with them. And it is the new dishes that remind them of the difficult exodus of the people from Egypt.
  • Jews don't paint eggs like Christians do. A hard-boiled egg is placed on the table - a symbol of divine perfection.

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Properly selected dishes are a tribute to the memory of what the Jews had to go through in the distant past.

How did the holiday appear

Every spring, the Jewish Passover is celebrated, the embodiment of rebirth and freedom. The people call the holiday Pesach, which in translation means "to go from slavery to freedom." The holiday has more than 400 years of history. It was then that the Jewish people were in Egyptian slavery. Oppression ended thanks to the Jewish prophet Moshe, which is written about in the Book of Exodus - the main book of Judaism.

It says that the Jews, under the leadership of Moshe, decided to leave Egypt, where for several centuries they were in slavery. But the ruler of Egypt refused to release the slaves, for which the Egyptian people were punished by the Lord and 10 "Egyptian executions" were sent to him - 10 disasters, each stronger than the previous one.

The most terrible execution was the killing of all the firstborn born at that time in the territory of Egypt. Only after that did the ruler of the country decide to release all Jewish slaves. But soon the pharaoh changed his mind and sent troops in pursuit of the fugitives. The Red Sea came to the aid of the Jews, which parted, letting in the fugitives, and then closed again.

In Judaism, it was this event that became fundamental in the history of the Jews, and Passover is considered to be not only the time of liberation, but also the birthday of the Jewish nation.

How the holiday is celebrated

When celebrating the Jewish Passover, there are certain traditions that have been observed by Jews for several centuries. Here are some rules, without which no Passover passes:

  • Among those invited may be those in need and those who cannot celebrate the holiday with dignity, spending it with their family.
  • For several stages of dinner, only 4 glasses of wine are drunk, and the 5th is filled with wine and left on the table - for the prophet Eliach.
  • Prayers and blessings during dinner are an obligatory ritual that not a single believing family misses.
  • On the 14th day of the month of Nisan, the whole family gathers at one table after sunset.
  • On the last day of the holiday, the Jews hold a "ceremony of dividing the sea waters" - they read an excerpt from the Torah, the holy book of Judaism, where the Red Sea parted.

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Every Jew knows what date the holiday will be, and therefore begins to prepare for it in advance.

When is the Jewish Passover in 2022

Probably, there is not a single Jew who does not know when the Jewish Passover will be. In 2022, the celebration falls on April 14 and will last until the 23rd - a whole week. At the same time, the first and last day of the week in Israel is considered an official day off, and in those countries where Jewish diasporas live, another official day off is added.


  1. In 2022, Jewish Passover will be celebrated from April 14 to 23.
  2. During the gala dinner, only 4 glasses of wine are served at the table.
  3. There should be no fermented foods during the holiday.

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