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What date is Easter in 2022 for Orthodox Christians in Russia?
What date is Easter in 2022 for Orthodox Christians in Russia?

Video: What date is Easter in 2022 for Orthodox Christians in Russia?

Video: What date is Easter in 2022 for Orthodox Christians in Russia?
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The bright holiday of Easter is necessarily celebrated by Christians all over the world. But the time of celebration for Catholics and Orthodox falls on different dates. This is due to the difference in church calendars. Many Russian believers are already interested in the date of Easter in 2022 for Orthodox Christians in Russia.

History of the origin of Easter

The first mentions of Easter are found in the Old Testament. Initially, it was celebrated by the Jews, celebrating on this day the deliverance of their people from Egyptian slavery. Literally, Easter is translated from Hebrew as "deliverance", "exodus".

In the New Testament, this holiday received a different meaning. Easter is the victory over death. The Gospel says that it was on this day that the Resurrection of Jesus Christ took place.


The dates and rules of this great Christian holiday were determined only in the XII century. It was established that the Resurrection of Christ is celebrated separately from the Jewish Old Testament Passover. The day of celebration falls annually on the first Sunday of the full moon following the vernal equinox, which usually occurs in March.

In Russia, in 2022, Bright Easter will be celebrated on April 24.

Signs and superstitions

In Russia, Easter is considered one of the main Orthodox holidays, preparations begin in advance. 40 days before its onset, all believers must begin Great Lent, which lasts 40 days and ends with Holy Week.

The last days before Bright Sunday are considered by the people to be the most important, have a certain meaning and require compliance with certain rules.



  • If you wash your face from gold or silver dishes, prosperity and success await.
  • Be sure to throw trash and unnecessary things out of the house.
  • What is broken on this day must be repaired or thrown away.
  • Make a stock of feed for poultry.
  • They prepare firewood for the next winter.
  • They are tidying up the local area.
  • If you plant seeds for seedlings on this day, the harvest will be rich.
  • If it is warm on Monday during Holy Week, the summer will be generous.
  • If the day is sunny, you can celebrate a wedding in the coming year. The marriage will be happy and strong.
  • To protect your home from misfortune, windows are always cleaned on Monday.
  • Be sure to read in the Old Testament about the betrayal of Joseph.

On the table on Monday, you can put bread, any vegetable and fruit dishes. Everything else is strictly prohibited.


  • On this day, it is necessary to wash everything, fix clothes. Throw away everything unnecessary or give to the needy. The new thing purchased on Tuesday will last a very long time.
  • Purchase products for Easter baking. Pick up a tablecloth, preferably white.
  • On this day, women cook medicinal herbal teas and treat them to their men.
  • Rain on Tuesday - a rich harvest of mushrooms, a warm day - there will be a lot of wheat.

Be sure to read on the second day of Holy Week about the resurrection, the end of the world, the 9 virgins, as well as Christ's teachings for the Pharisees and scribes.



  • Stocking up eggs for Easter.
  • They carry out general cleaning at home.
  • Prepare the quaternary soap. To do this, it is removed for the whole night beyond the threshold of the front door. Washing with it protects a person from disease, damage and the evil eye.

On the Wednesday of Holy Week, sermons are held in churches to remind believers of Judas' betrayal.



One of the most important days of Holy Week is Maundy Thursday. Many superstitions are associated with this day and will take:

  • In the morning, to see a dog or a man from the window - to well-being, an old woman - to failure.
  • Not to clean the house until Thursday evening - not to wait for comfort all year round. It is strictly forbidden to put things in order until next Thursday.
  • If you wash yourself in a natural reservoir before dawn, you can get strong protection from any negativity.
  • Be sure to attend the morning service at the church on Thursday and bring a candle home from it. In case of illness, it will help you recover faster.
  • It is advisable to completely shave the child up to 1 year old on this day.
  • If you cut the ends of your hair on Thursday, they will grow better, and ill-wishers will not be able to harm.
  • Rearranging furniture and counting money three times - to prosperity.
  • You cannot give bread, salt and money from home on this day, otherwise you can incur illness and anxiety.
  • You need to prepare water for Easter washing: put any silver object in it, preferably a coin. Washing with such water on Bright Sunday promises beauty and wealth.
  • Protect your home from disease and penetration of evil spirits. To do this, fumigate all living and utility rooms with juniper. On the doors and ceilings, crosses are burned with church candles.
  • To attract the well-being of pets, they are washed with melt water and a clump of wool is cut off from them.
  • On Thursday, they always paint eggs and bake a variety of pastries, including Easter cakes. Ruddy baked goods - for good luck, burnt - for trouble.

On this day, Orthodox Christians recall stories from the New Testament about Holy Week and the Last Supper.



Friday is a mournful day for believers, which must be spent quietly and modestly. Main features:

  • A big celebration - to inevitable troubles and tears throughout the year.
  • If you wipe the dust on this day and save a cloth, it can be used for joint diseases.
  • Any work other than cooking is strictly prohibited.

From that day on, believers begin the most severe hours of fasting. Until Saturday, only water and bread are allowed.

Saturday is the same as Friday. The final preparations for the trip to the church service, which will begin in the evening, are completing. Before leaving the house to worship, it is imperative to prepare the morning table for breaking the fast.



Easter is one of the most important holidays for all Christians. It is important to know that not only the dates, but also the rules of the celebration, differ between Catholics and Orthodox Christians. The only thing that unites all Christians is worship in churches of different denominations, which lasts all night.

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