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What date is Easter in 2021 for Orthodox Christians in Russia?
What date is Easter in 2021 for Orthodox Christians in Russia?

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Everyone knows that the most important holiday of the Orthodox Church is the Bright Resurrection of Christ. It is always celebrated on Sunday, but on different dates. You can find out what date is Easter in Russia in 2021 with Orthodox Christians according to the church calendar.

Determining the date of Easter

The date of Easter in Christianity depends on the phase of the moon and the solar calendar. According to Scripture, the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ took place on the eve of the Jewish Passover, on the first full moon after the spring equinox, on the 14th day of Nisan in the Hebrew calendar.

After the emergence of the Christian religion, its followers began to celebrate Christian Easter, relying on the astronomical data of the Gospel. For this, the date of the first full moon after the vernal equinox is calculated and the closest Sunday to it is selected.

Based on the determination of the date of the Easter holiday, the dates of other important church holidays associated with the celebration of the Resurrection of Christ are calculated. According to the Byzantine Christian tradition, the calculation of the date of Orthodox Easter was carried out by the Patriarch of Alexandria, the head of the Coptic Autocephalous Local Orthodox Church in Africa.

It was he who announced to all representatives of the Orthodox denominations on what date Bright Sunday falls in the coming year. Today, the so-called Easter is taken for the calculation - a special calculation technique that uses the Gauss formula.

  • a = [(19 * [Y / 19] + 15) / 30], in which Y is the year, [] is the remainder of the division;
  • b = [(2 * [Y / 4] + 4 * [Y / 7] + 6 * a + 6) / 7];

If (a + b)> 10, then Easter will be (a + b - 9) April old style, otherwise - (22 + a + b) March old style.

Paschalia models the practice of ancient Hebrew astronomical calculations to determine the day of celebration of the Old Testament Jewish Passover with the translation of the desired result into the dates of the solar calendar. Thus, it is possible to find out quite accurately when the crucifixion of Jesus took place, from which the day of the Bright Resurrection of Christ is calculated.

Although the date of Orthodox Easter, like the Catholic one, is floating, it does not go beyond certain calendar dates and can be celebrated according to the new style from April 4 to March 8, and according to the old style - from March 22 to April 25.

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To find out what date is Easter in 2021 for Orthodox Christians in Russia, believers should contact the priests who receive regular information from Paschalia. To notify all Orthodox Christians, the church prints the results of its calculations in a special church calendar, which is compiled every year.

Almost all Orthodox holidays are united around the central event of the object of their faith - the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Having determined the date of Easter for the new year, the clergy determine the numbers of other church holidays and important events that have floating dates.

In Russia, many Orthodox holidays and rituals are associated with Easter:

  • Palm Sunday;
  • parental day, or parental Saturday;
  • Ascension of the Lord;
  • Pentecost;
  • The Holy Trinity.

The date of Orthodox Easter is the main one in Orthodoxy. It defines the entire hierarchy of the church's festive events.

What date is Easter for Orthodox Christians in 2021

The Orthodox denomination of Christianity is considered one of the most numerous. It includes autocephalous churches, which are united by the Ecumenical Orthodox Council.

When calculating the date of Easter in 2021 in Russia for Orthodox Christians, it should be remembered that this day is celebrated by a large number of believers in the world who profess Orthodoxy. Representatives of autocephalous churches before Bright Day, on Saturday, gather at the Church of the Resurrection of Christ in Jerusalem to participate in the ritual of the descent of the Holy Fire.Only Orthodox priests can take him out of the Holy Sepulcher.

All envoys and pilgrims professing Orthodoxy take a piece of this Holy Fire and take it to their countries. This fire symbolizes the exit from the Holy Sepulcher of the True Light at the moment of the Resurrection of Jesus.

It is believed that when the End of the World approaches, the Holy Fire will not come out of the Holy Sepulcher, which will be the forerunner of the Apocalypse. The very removal of the Sacred Fire symbolizes the Resurrection of the Lord, which saves the world from destruction.

Every year, such a church ritual is performed on the Saturday before Orthodox Easter, which falls on May 2 in 2021. All true Orthodox believers treat the Bright holiday very responsibly and with love.


  1. In Orthodoxy, Easter is the most important church holiday, around which the entire architecture of church holidays is built, which are celebrated throughout the year.
  2. Orthodox Easter in 2021 falls on May 2.
  3. In all churches, Easter services from Saturday to Sunday begin with the introduction into the churches of the Holy Fire - the symbol of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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