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When is Aviation Day in 2022 in Russia
When is Aviation Day in 2022 in Russia

Video: When is Aviation Day in 2022 in Russia

Video: When is Aviation Day in 2022 in Russia
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Aviation Day is a professional holiday for pilots and everyone who is somehow connected with the Russian Air Force. Almost every man who went to a military school or completed military service at least once dreamed of conquering heaven. It is not surprising that on the eve of the new year, many are interested in when Aviation Day is celebrated in 2022 in Russia.

What date is Aviation Day in Russia celebrated in 2022?

Anyone who tries to find the date on the Internet when it is customary to congratulate pilots will see that the traditionally professional holiday of these defenders of the country is celebrated on the third Sunday in August. In 2022, this day will fall on the 21st.


The history of the holiday

Russian aviation has passed a difficult historical path, and the history of the holiday is no less eventful. The date set and fixed in our time has changed several times under the influence of various external factors.

The beginning of the Russian Air Fleet was laid in the most unexpected way. At the beginning of the twentieth century, during the war with Japan, it became obvious that the Russian army was completely lagging behind the enemy's troops. There was nothing in the country: neither a competently trained command, nor officers completely loyal to their work, nor worthy military equipment that the enemies could not overcome.

A way out of this situation was found unexpectedly. One of the oldest and richest families in the country, the Kochubei, donated to the Russian navy a sum that seemed overwhelming in those years. The publisher, to whom the heirs petitioned, soon published an advertisement in the newspaper for a general fundraiser to help the military. To the surprise of many, within a few days money began to come to the editorial office from different parts of Russia, showing the people's indifference in the struggle for a common goal.

Alexander Mikhailovich Romanov, the uncle of the reigning Emperor Nicholas II in those years, turned to his nephew with an unusual request. Having learned about the success of the flight of the French aviator Louis Bleriot, he decided to try to bring a radical change to the system of the Russian army - to buy several airplanes with the money left over from the equipment of the fleet and test them in practice. This was the starting point for the further strengthening of the country.


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Aeronautics gradually became the subject of young men's dreams, and the designers created and tested the first flying machines. Emperor Nicholas II, seeing the importance of the exploits of the pilots, ordered a holiday in honor of the brave aviators on August 2, on the Orthodox holiday of the holy prophet Elijah.

Later, this date became the Day of the Airborne Forces of the USSR, and then, after its collapse, and Russia. It was this saint who was chosen because his life most accurately conveyed the meaning of the feat of each aviator: the prophet ascended to heaven alive on a fiery chariot.

In Soviet times, this date ceased to suit the new leadership of the country due to its connection with the Christian faith, and in 1924 the military leader Mikhail Frunze ordered to change the date of the celebration to July 14. However, this decision was not final either.

By the end of the 70s of the twentieth century, civil and military aviation had developed as separate industries, and the government decided on the need to differentiate them. The decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Council established the Air Fleet Day on the third Sunday in August.

In Russia, the date has remained the same. A little later, along with this holiday, the Day of Aeroflot of the USSR was established, and then the Day of the Air Force of Russia.


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Traditions and celebrations

Celebrations with colleagues and close comrades remain among the most important and significant traditions for pilots. In such a warm company and nostalgic atmosphere, they usually exchange flight memories and pass on their experience to the younger generation. Interestingly, the most frequent toast at the festive table is also associated with flights: professionals wish each other that the number of take-offs always coincides with the number of landings.

However, the state also does not forget about the heroes. In addition to concert programs and congratulations from the president, pilots receive:

  • the opportunity to conduct advanced training sessions for everyone or show their skills in the sky;
  • broadcasting of thematic programs;
  • honoring honored workers of the sphere, they are awarded certificates, diplomas, gifts, gratitude from officials;
  • invitations to events in educational or work organizations to exchange experiences.

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Many people, whose family members are directly related to aviation, strive to observe another tradition and not leave the pilot unattended on such a day. Mothers, sisters, wives and daughters go shopping in search of gifts for their men. Especially for those who cannot decide what to give on such a day, we offer a list of the most interesting and unforgettable gifts that can surprise even those who already receive them for every professional holiday:

  • a collectible model of the plane on which the first flight was made;
  • cufflinks in the form of a propeller indicating a man's occupation;
  • flying alarm clock, fast and elusive, like its owner;
  • a collection of the best aviators, congratulated idols;
  • a collection of photographs signed by a friendly hand of friends in the office.

Such unusual things will definitely not leave a man indifferent, and perhaps even move, despite his steadfastness and unshakable character.


This holiday is important for people who decide to link their fate with heaven. Knowing when Aviation Day is in 2022 in Russia, you can find out in advance which of your friends plans to celebrate it, and surprise them with congratulations and warm words.

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