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How to make pop-it antistress at home with your own hands
How to make pop-it antistress at home with your own hands

Video: How to make pop-it antistress at home with your own hands

Video: How to make antistress with your own hands| Antistress BRACELET/ Pupyrka at home| POP IT 2022, December

A toy called pop-it has gained incredible popularity lately. For this reason, many are interested in how to do anti-stress at home. There are several ways to make Pop it with your own hands, which should be carefully studied in order to make an unusual toy.

Using pill packaging

One of the easiest ways to make your own anti-stress pop-it is to use pill packaging. The DIY option at home allows you to create a design that will appeal to the owner of the toy.

Step-by-step instructions for making anti-stress:

  1. Find a used pack of pills in the medicine cabinet.
  2. Remove all foil from the back surface, paying attention to the area of ​​the cells where the tablets were previously.
  3. For the front surface, cut the cover out of the paper.

Apply a drawing or pattern to the paper cover

Cut holes in the paper for the tablets

Secure the paper to the surface with tape or glue

Use pop-it for its intended purpose

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Optionally, you can also glue the back of the DIY anti-stress to create a unique design.

Unicorn cardboard box antistress

At first glance, it may seem that this method of making pop-it is very complicated. Before making an antistress with your own hands, you need to study the instructions and select the necessary materials: not everything can be found at home.

Manufacturing process:

  • Find a cardboard box and remove the lid from it, or cut off if it is not removable.
  • Paint the box in any color, based on the fact that it will look like a unicorn face.
  • Cut 3-5 rows of 4-7 identical round holes. To do this, you should use a pencil, compasses and a clerical knife.

Paste the box around the outside with foamiran or paper of the same color as the box is painted on the inside

Make petal-shaped unicorn ears from white and pink foamiran (the inner part should be smaller). Glue 2 parts together and connect each drop of glue at the bottom

  • Cut out squares from the square that are larger than the holes in the cardboard, in an amount equal to these holes.
  • Heat the central part of each square with a curling iron or dry iron - this way the porous material will stretch well.
  • Take a rounded object that matches the diameter of the holes cut on the box.
  • Pull the Thomas pieces over it to give them a convex shape. This should be done immediately, while the material has not cooled down.

Cut off all the edges of the resulting squares so that they take the shape of hats

Unfold the cardboard box with the painted side down, apply glue around the perimeter of the holes and insert the “caps” with the convex side down

  • Paint over the back surface with white or glue it with cardboard, having previously cut holes in it for the "caps".
  • Glue the unicorn ears on top of the box, leaving a distance between them.
  • To mold an animal's horn from light plasticine - roll out a long sausage and twist it into a tight spiral.
  • On top, decorate the horn with sparkles of any color that matches the shade of the horn and the rest of the antistress colors.
  • Gently glue the horn between the ears of the unicorn so that it does not change shape. Until the plasticine is completely dry, you will need to wait a day.
  • Decorate the area where the ears are located with bows or fur circles.

Draw eyes for the unicorn inside the box. Antistress is ready to use

In a similar way, you can make an antistress toy in the shape of any animal by changing the main color and shape of the ears.

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Pop-it made using origami technique

This version of making antistress allows you to create a bright toy out of paper using the origami technique. When pressed, it claps great. The only negative is that the paper toy is short-lived.

To create a pop-it, you should proceed in stages:

  • Cut out the required number of squares of at least 7 × 7 cm from colored origami paper. Each square - 1 bubble.
  • Fold the square in half, open it and fold it in half in the opposite direction.

Open the square, turn over and repeat the steps, but already along two diagonals, carefully go through all the folds and open the square

  • Turn the workpiece over and put it on the table so that you get a rhombus.
  • Fold the 2 corners on the sides along the folds inward and downward, so that a small folded one turns out from a large square.

Bend the corner formed from the bottom up and unfold it back

Bend the corner again, but already up to the line that formed at the last stage

Bend the lower part of the corner to the line. Fold the resulting figure completely along the line of the middle of the small square

  • Turn the workpiece over and do steps 6-8 on the other side.
  • Swipe the layer formed on the right side to the left.
  • Repeat a similar action after turning the workpiece - you only need to turn over 1 layer on those sides with bent lower corners.
  • On the formed side, perform the actions described in steps 6-7.
  • Bend the side corners to the middle of the rhombus.

Fold the rectangular part obtained at the bottom in half and lift up to form a side

  • Turn the workpiece over and repeat steps 12-14.
  • Fix the resulting sides with a small amount of glue (for quick drying, it is better to take a glue stick).

Straighten the workpiece from below so that it takes on the shape of a dome

Similarly, make the amount of pimples required for anti-stress. Lay out the blanks on the table to determine the order of their arrangement in the finished toy. Glue the sides of each bump together to make a whole toy.

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Pineapple shaped using a foil bag

Before making a pineapple pop-it with your own hands, you need to prepare materials for making anti-stress at home. In the process of creation you will need:

  • cardboard;
  • scissors;
  • bag of chips;
  • glue;
  • paints / colored pencils / markers.

The toy is made in several stages. It is important to repeat each action so that the result meets expectations:

Cut 2 pineapple blanks with leaves from thick cardboard

Instead of slices on each part, mark and cut the required number of holes for the pimples - they should be symmetrically located on each workpiece

Cut out the required number of circles with a diameter larger than the holes in the blanks from the foil bag

Cut each circle along the bottom and glue it so that it takes on a conical shape. It is better to use scotch tape for fixing

  • If desired, the cones can be connected together to make one bubble more dense.
  • Using adhesive tape, fix the pimples from the foil bag on the blanks.
  • Glue the blanks together.

Any pineapple design can be done. It is not necessary to use standard colors for coloring the fruit. Rainbow pineapple or with eyes will look unusual. When making anti-stress, you can show all your imagination. Pineapple should be painted at the harvesting stage, so as not to spoil the bumps with color later

DIY little pop-it

This Pop it will take a little time to make.If you follow the steps step by step, based on the instructions from the photo, you can quickly make several small antistress toys at once.

Step-by-step instruction:

On a piece of paper using a compass, draw 2 circles with a radius of 3-3.5 cm

  • Use colored pens / pencils or paints to design each circle.
  • On both sides, stick adhesive tape over the circles to make the paper thicker and make a characteristic sound when pressed.
  • Cut out the circles and cut to the center of the circle.
  • Glue each piece so that it takes the shape of a cone.
  • Fold a thick sheet of paper in half and place the resulting cones next to it.
  • Circle them with a pencil and remove.
  • Step back 5-7 mm from the edge of the resulting circles and circle again using a compass. Remove the overlapping area with the eraser.

Cut out a double leaf to form a frame for the future bump. Its outer edge can be of any shape

  • Make your own design for each blank.
  • Insert the bumps made earlier between the two frames and fix them with tape.

If you want to make a big pop-it using this method, it is enough to make as many circles as necessary for the desired size at the stage of preparation.

The advantages of making a DIY pop-it toy

Making your own Pop it toy has a number of advantages:

  • the fascination of the process;
  • individual design;
  • use of recyclable materials;
  • savings on the purchase of ready-made anti-stress and materials;
  • the opportunity to create a unique toy that no one else will have.

You can learn how to make pop-it with your own hands and conduct master classes. If you hone your skills and make unique options, they can be sold in the future. Individual pop-it toys are in great demand now.


There are many different ways you can make your own anti-stress pop-it. Despite the uniqueness of the toy, it will not be difficult to make it at home using different materials. Paper, cardboard, plastic, pill packaging, and more will do.

An important point in the process of making Pop it is design. You can give it a lot of attention, decorating the anti-stress to your liking. For attractiveness, drawings, patterns are applied on top and simply painted with different felt-tip pens and paints.

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