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How to make a simple dimple with your own hands in stages
How to make a simple dimple with your own hands in stages

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DIY simple dimple - simple master class

Making a simple dimple with your own hands is a snap. You will get cute bubbles that you can press and restore, an eternal toy-"poke".


  • white sheet of paper;
  • black cardboard;
  • colored markers;
  • narrow and wide tape;
  • glue, scissors.

Master Class:

We put something round with an approximate diameter of 4 cm to an ordinary sheet of white paper. We circle 2 circles - there will be 2 bubbles in the toy

Color the circles with colored felt-tip pens and draw kawaii faces, white highlights, dots and stars

On the front side we glue a strip of wide adhesive tape, we also laminate the picture on the back side

Cut out the bubbles, now they need to be made voluminous. To do this, approximately to the middle of the bubble, we make an incision with scissors

Now overlap the cut edges and fix with a piece of tape

For the base, we take black cardboard, apply bubbles to it at a short distance from each other, draw around with a pencil

We circle the resulting circles with circles with a diameter of 4 cm, you should get something like glasses

Cut out the inner circles, and then cut along the outer contour. Let's prepare one more such detail

We glue both parts of the base together and draw stars on the black base


We insert the bubbles into the holes and fix them with narrow tape, on the back side we also glue the bubbles in a circle

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The black base can also be laminated with tape, then the toy will last much longer.

DIY transparent simple dimple in 5 minutes

In just 5 minutes, you can make a transparent and unusual simple dimple with your own hands. How to get such an unusual antistress toy, we will tell you step by step in a master class with a photo.


  • plastic caps;
  • black marker;
  • sequins, rhinestones;
  • scotch tape, scissors.

Step-by-step instruction:

We take plastic caps from under sour cream or yogurt, draw a circle on one of them and cut it out

With a black marker, draw a face on the circle, and then make an incision on top of it to the center

We shift the sides of the circle overlapping each other, fix it with pieces of scotch tape

We glue a piece of scotch tape on the face so that the marker does not rub off

For the base, we take the second plastic cover, cut off the protruding edges. Prepare 2 circles to make the base denser

We put a circle with a face on the base, circle and draw brackets around it, like a cloud

With small scissors we cut out both the inner circle and the picture along the contour. We apply the picture to the second circle, circle it and also cut it out

Pour sparkles along the edge of one cloud, carefully cover with the second half and in a circle, both external and internal, glue with small pieces of scotch tape

We insert the face into the cloud and at the base we fasten it with tape, first from one side and then from the other side

In place of the cheeks, glue small rhinestones to the face. The toy is ready

The base, that is, the cloud, can be painted with acrylics or colored paper can be applied, cut along the contour, and then glued in a circle with tape.

DIY simple dimple "Avocado"

A very unusual and cute simple dimple toy is obtained in the form of an avocado. It is very easy to make it yourself if you follow the master class with a photo step by step. By the way, such a toy can be presented to friends as a fun and cool souvenir.


  • white sheet of paper;
  • white cardboard;
  • colored markers;
  • scotch tape, scissors, glue.

Master Class:

Draw an even circle on an ordinary white sheet; this can be done with scotch tape. This will be an avocado bone, which we paint over in brown

We glue the bone on both sides with wide tape and cut it out

We make an even incision up to half of the bone, put one side on the other so that we get a cone, and fix it with narrow tape

We apply the cone to the white cardboard, circle it, and sketch the avocado with a simple pencil. We draw his eyes and a smile

We outline the contour of the picture with a black marker and paint the avocado green. We also paint over the eyes with a black marker, but with white highlights

We glue the drawing with wide tape, but only on one side, and cut it out. Then we cut out the inner circle

We apply the base to the cardboard, circle it, paint it, glue it with wide tape and cut it out

Now glue the bone on one half of the base using small pieces of adhesive tape

With the help of glue, we connect two halves of an avocado together and a funny toy is ready

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Another interesting idea is to make a simple dimple in the form of a donut made from sour cream or yogurt lids.

Simple Dimple keychain - DIY antistress toy

Simple dimple is often used as phone key rings or keys. They can also be made by hand. Follow the step-by-step master class with a photo, and everything will definitely work out.


  • thick cardboard;
  • foamiran of different colors;
  • compasses, glue, scissors.

Master Class:

We set the compass to a radius of 1.9 cm, draw a circle on thick cardboard, and then move the compass to the edge of the drawn circle and draw another circle

Then we put a compass at the junction point of the circles and draw a circle. We repeat the same action again, but from a different place where the circles join

We rearrange the compass to the junction and make a small notch. We put a compass on it and draw the last circle

Now we set the compass to 13 mm, draw 3 circles inside the already drawn circles

With a pencil, draw arcuate connections between the circles and make a place for the suspension. Cut out in duplicate

We apply one of the blanks to the foamiran, circle it together with the inner circles, cut it out, glue it to the base. We also make the second blank from cardboard

For the pimples, take a piece of foamiran, soften it with an iron or curling iron

Immediately put the foamiran on a rubber ball and push it with a ruler, cut off the excess at the edges, leave a small edge. We make two more such pimples of different colors

We insert the pimples into the circles on the base, glue the second part on the back side

We glue the side side with a thin strip of the same foamiran, attach the suspension. The strap is ready

The keychain can be made in the form of a bear: the base is also made of cardboard, and the bubbles are made of foamiran.

DIY giant simple dimple

Surprise your friends with a giant DIY green man dimple. Such a big-bellied and funny glutton clicks very loudly.


  • White paper;
  • cardboard;
  • acrylic paints;
  • foamiran;
  • glue stick.

Master Class:

On a white sheet of A4 paper we draw a funny man, it can be any character taken from the Internet

We cut out the drawing and transfer it to cardboard to use it as a template

We cut out the little man and paint it with acrylic paints, and to draw smaller details, you can take acrylic markers. If they are not there, it doesn't matter, just use a thin and wide brush

Now we will prepare the ball and foamiran, which we heat with an iron, and then we pull it over the ball and press it, for example, with a wide reel of scotch tape

We leave a small edge from the bottom of the circle, cut off the rest, we get a large bubble

Find the center on the character's round tummy and draw a circle of the required diameter from it. It can be measured with a ruler by turning the bubble over

Cut it out, apply glue on the reverse side along the edge of the circle and glue in a giant bubble

On a large belly, we draw details of clothing, as if a person tore it from gluttony or from a potion taken

Simple dimple made of paper quickly wear out and tear, and antistress made of cardboard will last much longer.

Many will say that the simple dimple is a useless toy, but in fact it can help adults and children. Antistress relieves stress, develops fine motor skills, and just allows you to keep your hands busy when you really want to twist something. Bursting bubbles endlessly is a pleasure.

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