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When the Ascension of the Lord in 2022
When the Ascension of the Lord in 2022

Video: When the Ascension of the Lord in 2022

Video: When the Ascension of the Lord in 2022
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The Ascension of Jesus Christ is one of the main miracles of Orthodoxy. According to scripture, on this day the Son of God left the earthly body. However, his spirit, invisible to the human eye, remains close to people. Every believer needs to know when the Ascension of the Lord is in 2022, because on this holiday every prayer will be heard.

history of the holiday

The name of the holiday is symbolic. The Ascension of the Lord is a celebration of the Lord's victory over death and sin. On this day, a great miracle happened. According to the Holy Scriptures, after the resurrection, Jesus Christ, together with his disciples-apostles, continued the earthly path, during which he taught them love for their neighbors and the Word of God.

On the 40th day, the Savior blessed the apostles to climb the Mount of Olives and pray for the salvation of souls. After that, the robe of the son of God shone with a blinding light, and the disciples witnessed the ascension of Jesus Christ to heaven. However, after the Son of God disappeared into heaven, an angel appeared and notified the disciples that Jesus Christ would return to earth again, just as he had ascended to heaven.


The apostles hastened to tell people about the miracle that happened on the Mount of Olives. On that day, the disciples saw their teacher in bodily vestments for the last time, but thanks to this diva, the people realized that death is the continuation of life, only in a different guise, and that after death, souls are liberated and pass into another world. The Mount of Olives still keeps the footprints of the Savior, but one of them was cut down and taken to Jerusalem as a sacred relic.

During the celebration of the Ascension, the clergy wear white robes, as during the Easter period and in the days of the memory of the martyrs. On other days these garments are not used.

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When the Ascension of the Lord in 2022

The Ascension of the Lord is traditionally celebrated on the 40th day after Easter and lasts ten days. During this time, Christians go to church and pray for the health and well-being of their loved ones. It is believed that on this holiday Jesus Christ is on earth and listens to people's requests in order to convey them to the Lord.

Every Orthodox Christian should know what date this holiday will be celebrated in order to pray for his relatives. In 2022, the Ascension of the Lord falls on June 2.

On this day, you must definitely attend a festive service, buy and consecrate an icon so that it will protect your home.


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What not to do for a holiday

The Ascension of the Lord is an Orthodox holiday, during which it is customary to pray for the health of your loved ones. However, there are several rules that absolutely must not be violated at this time:

  • Our ancestors believed that working on this day would anger the Lord. Therefore, it is customary to take a break from any physical work on a holiday.
  • You cannot spit on the road or throw garbage: it is believed that at this time the Lord descends to earth and continues his sacred path.
  • It is forbidden to quarrel with neighbors, quarrel with neighbors, swear or think about bad things, because Jesus Christ is among people and can hear.
  • It is strictly forbidden to turn to the Lord and ask for something material, for example, a car or an apartment. On this bright day, you need to think and pray about spiritual things.
  • You cannot get married at the Ascension of the Lord. The clergy do not perform the ceremony during this holiday.

The Feast of the Ascension marks that the stay of Jesus Christ in the earthly body ends, but the Holy Spirit continues to be present at the ordinances in the temple.



On the eve of the festive date, priests in churches perform the ritual of giving up Easter, during which they take away the Shroud, which has been on the throne since the day of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. During the holiday, priests put on white robes and perform a solemn prayer service: they read the Holy Scripture, ring the bells, informing the people about the great miracle of the Ascension of the Son of God.

Christians on the night of the Ascension of the Lord bake oblong pies stuffed with honey and green onions. This delicacy is called a ladder. In the morning, believers go to the solemn liturgy, where they pray for the health of their neighbors. After the end of the service, people share pies with each other, and give some to those in need.

In ancient Russia, the holiday was called the Ascension Day. Our ancestors believed that at noon a golden staircase descends from heaven, and Jesus Christ walks along it, surrounded by angels.



The Feast of the Ascension was a kind of border between spring and summer for our ancestors. People believed that on this day the gates are opened between the world of the living and the world of heavenly inhabitants, therefore there are many signs among the people dedicated to the holiday:

  • If an unmarried girl hears a nightingale singing on this day, she will be married next year.
  • So that the family always had money, on the night of the Ascension of the Lord, a coin was buried in the garden.
  • To be born on the Feast of the Ascension means to be under the auspices of good forces.
  • Sprinkling sugar, salt, cereals or spilling water - to financial problems next year.
  • To attract wealth and prosperity, you need to wear the most beautiful things to go to church.

Another custom is to visit relatives and bring wheat dough pies with honey as a present.



The Ascension of the Lord is a great holiday that should be spent with your family. It is believed that at this time Jesus Christ is among people and hears everything they talk about. Therefore, believers should definitely visit the church and pray for the health of their neighbors.

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