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What facial procedures are effective at 40: advice from a beautician
What facial procedures are effective at 40: advice from a beautician

Video: What facial procedures are effective at 40: advice from a beautician

Video: What facial procedures are effective at 40: advice from a beautician
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The process of skin aging is associated with hormonal changes that occur with age in a woman's body. Changes in the shape of the face, mimic and deep wrinkles are an inevitable consequence of aging. But cosmetology does not stand still: these phenomena can be successfully dealt with, knowing what procedures and new developments for the face at the age of 40 will help keep the skin in good condition. Consider the basic advice of cosmetologists.

Capabilities at a glance

Which facial procedures are most effective at 40 depends on many parameters, they are selected individually according to the advice of cosmetologists. The opinion of experts is that it is necessary to deal with age-related changes in a comprehensive manner. Looking for:

  • daily use of care products and makeup removers;
  • nourishing masks with active ingredients;
  • massage (not necessarily professional, but regular);
  • creams and other care products marked 40+;
  • cosmetology procedures.

It is difficult to fight against age-related changes when the body's production of collagen and elastin decreases. This is what leads to the loss of shine, elasticity of the skin. In the periorbital area (around the eyes), edema, darkening, wrinkles appear, the nasolabial fold, cheeks sag, the neck and décolleté suffer.

Daily work

Comprehensive care in the modern sense means not only the daily application of creams, but also the use of hardware cosmetology. Anti-aging treatments can help solve the problem, but for this you have to make them part of your daily life.

If we talk about which facial procedures are effective at 40 years old, the advice of cosmetologists begins with injections and apparatus therapy, although daily skin care is of great importance:

  • for the area around the eyes - intensive cream applied with light hammering movements;
  • rejuvenating masks with nutritious components will help to cope with the nasolabial fold;
  • dry skin on the cheekbones and cheeks can be tidied up with multi-creams that protect against aging and activate collagen synthesis;
  • the neck and décolleté must be treated with a good moisturizer.

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The procedures will give a good result, provided that the composition of the care products contain hyaluronic acid, peptides, antioxidants, amino acids and vegetable oils.

There are different types of peptides in cosmetics:

  • signaling (for skin stimulation);
  • transport (supplying trace elements to problem areas);
  • neurotransmitters (similar in effect to botox);
  • inhibitors (inhibit the activity of enzymes that destroy collagen).

Some manufacturers have homemade cosmetics lines that you can use without going to a beauty salon. But for this you need to identify your problem areas and use highly targeted care products.


Caring for aging skin

Cosmetologists list different types of popular procedures that allow women to look young without a plastic surgeon's surgery. Some of them can be found in any salon, but there are some that you need to contact a specialized clinic for.

The list below is a detailed professional answer to the question of which facial treatments at 40 will help curb the aging process of the skin. The advice of cosmetologists is ambiguous: some are sure that massage is needed, others argue that it is not always useful.

The list includes the most common and effective methods:

  • Chemical peeling (at the age of 40 - middle), in which the solution for application is selected taking into account the existing problems. It removes dying skin cells while preserving the keratin layer.
  • Laser resurfacing. This is a wonderful lifting that tightens pores and restores youth.
  • Contouring fixes the lifting effect.
  • Photorejuvenation allows you to remove the vascular network, pigmentation, wrinkles of any type and enlarged pores. The only negative is that after the procedure, rehabilitation is needed.
  • Botox injections are not therapeutic, but prophylactic. They block muscle activity and prevent the appearance of new wrinkles.
  • Hardware lifting using ultrasound. It not only smoothes wrinkles, but also creates a skeleton of the face, prevents the progress of gravitational ptosis - sagging of the skin.

If the problem is too pronounced, you can resort to thread lifting. After it, you don't need rehabilitation, you don't have to break away from your daily activities. Meso- or aptos-filaments create a fibrous cage that is stable even after they have completely resolved. The result lasts 2-3 years.

Additional recommendations

Cosmetologists remind that the effect of some measures to preserve youth quickly ends and requires regular renewal. After 40 years, you cannot expect an easy way. Whatever is being done in the fight against aging, age-related degradation is a process that is difficult to stop, and the older the woman, the more efforts have to be made. But they can also be unsuccessful if you do not do it regularly, but from time to time.


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Comprehensive skin care also means the need to eliminate certain foods from the diet, sometimes a transition to a diet is required. Vitamin complexes, avoiding harmful addictions, maintaining water-salt balance, walking in the fresh air and moderate physical activity will be useful.

Much in adulthood depends on the state of the body. Chronic illnesses, among other factors, also negatively affect the condition of the skin.

Scientists have found that the optimal effect of treatment procedures is achieved after 23:00 and before 02:00, since it is during this period that the skin regeneration processes are especially active.



  • After 40 years, you can still do without the help of a plastic surgeon.
  • Home treatments are effective if done regularly.
  • You need to give up bad addictions and eat right.
  • In the beauty salon, the doctor will offer the optimal procedures that are selected individually.

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