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How to learn to avoid conflicts - advice from psychologists
How to learn to avoid conflicts - advice from psychologists

Video: How to learn to avoid conflicts - advice from psychologists

Video: How to learn to avoid conflicts - advice from psychologists
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To avoid conflict situations, there are various universal techniques. Each person has a style of conversation peculiar only to him, has his own strengths and weaknesses. To be effective in communication, you need to be flexible. We will tell you how to learn how to avoid conflicts.

Psychologist's advice

Communication should be congruent - that is, attention should be focused on the interlocutor, show interest and self-confidence.

Basic rules for effective communication:

  1. Support for eye contact.
  2. Positive attitude.
  3. A benevolent smile.
  4. Active listening technique (close observation of the opponent's reactions).
  5. The use of interjections "yeah", "yes" to support the statements of the interlocutor.
  6. Repetition of the interlocutor's words.
  7. Formation of an emotional response.
  8. Clarifying questions.
  9. Paraphrasing (repetition of what the interlocutor said in order to identify the main idea).
  10. Summarizing the conversation.

The technique of joining (repetition of the interlocutor's behavior) is to repeat the rhythm of breathing, copy postures, repeat the words most often used by the interlocutor.

It is more profitable to avoid any conflict situation, that is, to try not to be in it. Don't respond to rudeness. Try to parry a verbal injection with an extraordinary reaction, for example, to laugh.

But if the conflict has already occurred, then do not interrupt or argue. Let your opponent speak, pour out your soul and everything that has accumulated in it. After that, you can support your opponent's feelings by saying that you understand his claims.

Next, you need to turn the problem into a task that can and should be solved. Clarify how you can resolve the conflict, suggest ways out of the situation in response to objections. It is necessary to find a solution that will become a compromise for all parties to the conflict.


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Universal recommendations:

  1. Learn to control negative emotions.
  2. Do not exaggerate the scale of the "tragedy", stay in reality.
  3. Avoid a conflict-minded person.
  4. Closely monitor the causes of the conflict, draw conclusions. Don't repeat mistakes.
  5. Do not accumulate problems in yourself, but gradually solve them.
  6. In no case go to insults your opponent - this is weakness and a sign of your defeat. Choose your words.
  7. Don't look for the guilty one in yourself. The man was on edge even without you.
  8. Maintain your dignity and self-respect.

You cannot hide from the possible negative influence of the environment, so you need to be always ready for it. Learn to respond to stress as calmly as possible. You must definitely have various ways to get positive emotions (hobbies, sports, music, etc.) Then you will protect yourself from the negative influence of nervous subjects.


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