Gifts from the author's collection Rondell
Gifts from the author's collection Rondell
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Spring opens the real season of gifts. If you give, then only the best - this is the opinion of the creators of the unique spring collection Fancy from Rondell. Immerse yourself in the world of premium cookware!

The Rondell brand continues to delight its fans with new masterpieces. This time, especially for the spring holidays, a new collection Fancy was released. Its unique floral ornament is made in the Art Nouveau style. It is created using the latest technology of deep etching.

Manufacturability and high quality are other advantages of the Fancy collection. Practicality and durability are guaranteed by stainless steel, the thickness of which in the walls reaches 0.7 mm. The triple stamped bottom is designed with a unique two-stage method and is fitted with a fused aluminum disc. This allows the 6, 2 mm bottom to evenly warm up and distribute heat quickly to the sides of the pot. Food continues to cook even after you unplug the pan - it takes less time and your culinary masterpieces retain more vitamins.

The inner surface of the Fancy cookware contains displacement markings so that you can follow the recipe exactly. The handles are securely riveted and guarantee a long service life. The heat-resistant glass on the lid adorns the neat steam outlet, and the steel rim protects against chipping. This cookware can be used on all types of stoves. Each piece in the collection comes in an elegant gift wrap, which includes a recipe booklet from the chef.

Rondell has prepared another gift for its customers: all customers who made an order from March 9 to 19, inclusive, will receive a 5% discount. When creating an order, enter the secret code: CP-32IQD-L19C7NB

If you are still in doubt about the choice, then you can always order gift Certificate and allow a loved one to choose exactly what he himself would like to receive as a present.

Rondell - this is the quality you deserve!

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