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Unified State Exam in St. Petersburg in 2021
Unified State Exam in St. Petersburg in 2021

Video: Unified State Exam in St. Petersburg in 2021

Video: Unified State Exam in St. Petersburg in 2021
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Pupils who graduate from schools in the Northern capital are already actively interested in when will the Unified State Exam in St. Petersburg in 2021. Officially, the Ministry of Education will publish the schedule for the final examination of knowledge later, but the preliminary dates of the exams are already known.

What changes to expect

There will be no significant changes as to when and how the Unified State Exam will take place in St. Petersburg in 2021. Rumors that the current eleventh graders will have to take history and a foreign language along with mathematics and Russian have not been confirmed.

The Ministry of Education announced that these disciplines would be compulsory only in 2023. Reformulation touched on almost every subject. Since the Unified State Exam appeared relatively recently, they try to modernize it a little every year.


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In 2021, some tasks in literature, Russian language, mathematics and a number of other disciplines will sound differently. However, this will not prevent schoolchildren from preparing according to the options of previous years.

The changed wording will become clearer, it will be easier to complete tasks.

The main change in the Unified State Exam in 2021 will be a new format for passing the final certification in computer science. Now testing will need to be done on a computer. There will be 27 tasks in total, which can be conditionally divided into 3 levels of difficulty:

  1. 10 basic questions.
  2. 13 tasks related to the increased level of difficulty.
  3. 4 tasks that are intended for children planning to get a programmer education.

The decision will take almost 4 hours. Thanks to the new submission system, all answers will be automatically checked. Therefore, the results of the exam in computer science can be considered objective.


Exam stages schedule

The exact timetable for the exam, which will take place in St. Petersburg in 2021, will be known later. Now only the preliminary dates of the final certification have been officially published. For convenience, they are presented in the table.

P / p No. Stage name Dates of the
1 Final essay December 4, 2020
2 Application submission until February 1, 2021
3 Early delivery March - April 2021
4 The main stage May - July 2021
5 Official retake until September 6, 2021

The first stage is conducted only for the Russian language exam. All eleventh graders of St. Petersburg and other cities are required to write an essay on this discipline in early December. His successful delivery - admission to the final certification in the subject.

Students who, for a good reason, cannot pass the USE during the main stage, will decide their options in the early or reserve period. In this case, the graduate must have supporting documents.

They can be: a certificate from a hospital, a call to participate in an international Olympiad, and so on. Eleventh graders will also have to obtain permission from the school's methodological council.


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When will the results be

Since there is no exact timetable for the USE yet, the dates of the results are unknown. It takes up to 4 calendar days to check the answers. Then there are the stages of approval and reconciliation of the results.

Only after that, the results are sent to schools, where, within 1 working day, teachers are required to notify all graduates about the number of points that they received when passing the exam.



In 2021, all schools in St. Petersburg will host the Unified State Exam. So far, the preliminary dates are known when the final certification will be carried out. In accordance with them, the main stage will begin in early May and end closer to mid-July. It will take several days to check the answers and approve the points, so students will find out about the results of the USE approximately 2 weeks after the date of writing the exam.

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