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The 2021 Unified State Exam Score Transfer Scale in Chemistry
The 2021 Unified State Exam Score Transfer Scale in Chemistry

Video: The 2021 Unified State Exam Score Transfer Scale in Chemistry

Video: The 2021 Unified State Exam Score Transfer Scale in Chemistry
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The scale for converting the 2021 USE points in chemistry is presented in the form of a table. Also, color lines are used, which mark the levels of acquired skills and experience in school or lyceum. Each completed assignment has a meaning for the future student.


Scale conversion table

The scale for converting USE 2021 points in chemistry is presented in the form of the following table.

Accounting for primary points Test score accounting
1 to 11 to redline From 3 to 33 (an increase of 3 units)
12 to orange line 36 (increase by 3 units)
13 to 60 after the orange line From 39 to 100 (an increase of 3 units)

It turns out that when making a transfer to test points (to secondary ones), each indicator increases by 3 units. The highest of these is the number 100.

Educational institutions post requirements for applicants in official sources, on websites. It is there that you can familiarize yourself with the requirements for admission documentation. Some universities provide an opportunity to open a personal account and upload a certificate and applications to the system.


Special designations in color in the table

According to the rules, the following color codes are used:

  • Red - indicates the obligatory set of those points that are located above the line. Otherwise, the result will not be accepted.
  • Orange - denotes the number of points required for admission to most educational institutions in Russia. That is, if a student crosses the threshold marked in red and orange, he will be able to submit documents to those institutions that are approved by the Ministry of Education and Science.
  • Green - indicates the high results that the graduate was able to achieve. This means a certain level of knowledge and acquired skills.

This color scheme is standard for all USE assignments in 2021.

Distribution of points by assignments

In chemistry, there is a special distribution of points depending on the complexity of the tasks. The same rule applies to the rest of the items.


On assignments, points are distributed as follows:

  • 1 point in chemistry can be obtained for successfully completed tasks numbered from 1 to 6, from 11 to 15, from 19 to 21, from 26 to 29;
  • 2 points are awarded for tasks from 7 to 10, from 16 to 18, from 22 to 25, 30 and 31;
  • 3 points can be obtained by completing the 35th task;
  • 4 points are awarded for the result of the 32nd and 34th tasks;
  • 5 points (highest) can be obtained for successfully completed task 33.

It turns out that the maximum result cannot exceed the mark of 60. The highest score in 2021 can be obtained in a foreign language - 100 points.

The conversion of points to grades is no longer applied. By the decision of the FIPI, this method was canceled. But the 5-point system for completed tasks is used to this day.


If the future student wants to know the overall mark for the exam in chemistry, then you can use the calculations of previous years. The difficulty lies in the fact that often "excellent" is given for an indicator above 73 points. Specific thresholds need to be set for each item.

To enter a university, it is enough to cross the green threshold in chemistry. The score doesn't matter anymore. The graduate will have a chance to enter.



The number of points indicates the level of knowledge of each graduate in the subject. For admission to the chosen university, it is recommended to inquire in advance about the conditions of admission - they vary depending on the fame and prestige of the educational institution.

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