The singer's manager MakSim has denied data on liver damage
The singer's manager MakSim has denied data on liver damage
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The singer's assistant explained that the data presented on behalf of the attending physician is an invention of the yellow media. The specialist has other patients besides MakSim. He is busy with serious work and has no time for talking to the press.

Fans of MakSim are now very concerned about the fate of the singer. Her career in recent years has declined, but many remember the hits of the performer, because a whole generation grew up under them.

Since June 18, the star has been in a state of medical coma. There was information about her transfer from mechanical ventilation to ECMO, because of which netizens were seriously concerned. Compounding all the information that appeared in the media about serious liver damage.

Stas Baretsky's statement for help in organizing the funeral brought the final confusion to the situation. As a result, the singer's manager Yana Bogushevskaya got in touch.

The singer's assistant clarified the situation. There is nothing wrong with transferring a patient to ventilators and ECMOs. In this case, the body is young, and doctors use them exclusively as crutches. They help reduce stress so that the body can fight disease more effectively.

At the moment, the celebrity has 75% of the lungs affected. The star is given antibiotics, which should stop the development of the inflammatory process.

There is no diagnosis of liver cirrhosis. Before entering the patient into a state of medical coma, the specialists performed the necessary examinations. No serious lesions of internal organs, which could aggravate the woman's condition in the long term, were not found.

Press references to the attending physician who allegedly gives comments are untrue. The specialist is engaged in monitoring the condition of the performer and other seriously ill people. A person working in this area simply does not have time to communicate with journalists. According to the law, he also has no right to disclose data.

All that fans can do now is wait for official comments and, if desired, pray for the girl or just wish her health.

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