Bald Pavel Priluchny reminded fans of Dzhigan and Nagiyev
Bald Pavel Priluchny reminded fans of Dzhigan and Nagiyev

Video: Bald Pavel Priluchny reminded fans of Dzhigan and Nagiyev

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33-year-old Pavel Priluchny never ceases to amaze with his transformations. A few months ago, fans believed the actor was overweight. Contrary to this, the star of the series "Closed School" recently boasted of losing weight, and today showed his new image - Pavel was left without hair on his head.

It seems that Pavel Priluchny made peace with ex-wife Agata Muceniece, who allowed him to go on vacation with children. Now the actor is resting at the resort with 7-year-old Timofey and 5-year-old Mia. The hot weather, it seems, bothered Pavel so much that he decided on a radical transformation.

Paul boasted of his new image. Priluchny posted a photo on his Instagram account that shocked many of his fans. The actor decided on a daring experiment. Pavel boasted of a new hairstyle - an ultra-short haircut.

In the photo, the ex-husband of Agatha Muceniece appeared with a clean-shaven head. One gets the feeling that Pavel really did have a haircut. The actor poses in the frame with his son, who looks with some surprise at the new hairstyle of the famous father. Pavel ironically wrote that he decided to shave off his beard, but missed. Fans noted that in this way he resembles Dzhigan and Dmitry Nagiyev.

“Somewhere Nagiyev is nervous”, “No need to listen to Djigan anymore”, “Damn, it doesn’t go, I’ve grown old …”, “Oh my God, but put everything back in place”, “Pasha, are you preparing for global warming?”, “I looked like my grandfather”, “Is that true? It seems to me, in vain”,“It's good that the eyebrows are in place,”write fans who did not like the transformation

The actor did not elaborate on whether he actually shaved off his hair. But attentive followers believe that the picture posted by Pavel was made using special filters. It is likely that Priluchny just wanted to joke and check the reaction of the fans.

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