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When is Tula City Day in 2022, what events are planned
When is Tula City Day in 2022, what events are planned

Video: When is Tula City Day in 2022, what events are planned

Video: When is Tula City Day in 2022, what events are planned
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In many Russian cities, City Day is not tied to a specific date, but to a weekend - Saturday or Sunday in a specific calendar month. Calculating when Tula City Day is in 2022 is quite simple. This is the second Saturday in September.

Background of events

At the end of August 2021, the Tulsky 1 portal reported that the mayor O. Slyusareva signed an order to celebrate the City Day. This will be the second Saturday in September. In 2021, the date of celebration of the Day of the capital of gunsmiths fell on the 11th.


At that time, it was still unknown in what format the traditional solemn event would take place, which residents of the city are always looking forward to. In many Russian regions, restrictions were imposed on such celebrations due to an unfavorable epidemiological situation, programs were cut, and planned mass events were canceled.

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Three weeks earlier, Tula solemnly celebrated the Day of the Russian Flag - with festive illumination of buildings in the colors of the Russian tricolor, an exhibition of motorcycles and a festival of Holi colors.

All the planned numbers of the exclusive program, up to the rise of balloons on the outskirts, were carried out in strict accordance with the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor to ensure the safety of citizens during a pandemic.

At the time of the signing of the order on the celebration of the City Day, the mayor reminded the public of the ban on holding public events in the city. She stated that the program will be announced later, and the holiday will be held in accordance with the complicated situation with the coronavirus in the Tula region. None of the Tula editions were able to list the planned activities, although they posted a message about the signing of the decree.


A little about the city

Some citizens intend to visit the hero city of Tula, which has many attractions and attractive objects. Knowing when the Day of the city of Tula is in 2022, you can combine business with pleasure - look at the festive capital of gunsmiths. You can continue exploring the famous places on Sunday, the second day off. Samovars, gingerbread and weapons are traditional associations with the city, whose glorious history goes back a little less than a millennium.

Numerous tourists are attracted by about 300 objects that deserve separate consideration by lovers of Russian literature and history, ancient and religious architecture, museums and monumental art. It is a pleasure to visit Tula for no reason - it has repeatedly received places in the ranking of the most comfortable Russian cities.


The year of foundation was recognized as 1145 as included in the charter of the city on the basis of the first mention in the Nikon Chronicle. City Day is undoubtedly the main holiday of the urban agglomeration, but why it is celebrated on the second Saturday of September - no data has been found. Perhaps the date was also set in a city referendum.

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Sample program

"Tulsky 1" has posted a grandiose program of celebration of the main city event in 2021, timed to coincide with the 500th anniversary of the Tula Kremlin:

  • the Tula Grill and the Kremlin Posad gastronomy festival;
  • free tea from a samovar for 300 l;
  • street theater festival;
  • travel of thematic auto platforms with artists;
  • concerts and Cossack shows;
  • festive fountains in the riverbed and fireworks against the background of the night sky.

Knowing what date it will take place in 2022 (and this is the second Saturday of September, the 10th), you can go to this beautiful, ancient, but comfortable city in order to attend the enchanting holiday together with its inhabitants. This will leave an unforgettable impression, allow you to take beautiful pictures and memorable video filming.

Expectations in 2022

People who know when Tula City Day is in 2022 can go there on the second Saturday in September.

City Day is:

  • concerts of local talents and guest celebrities;
  • theatrical performances on open stages, streets and the stage of the Kazanskaya embankment;
  • performances from artists and artists on stilts;
  • free treats and food festivals;
  • old Russian amusements, games, historical reconstructions;
  • sports competitions and matches;
  • holiday fireworks;
  • competitions and master classes.

Everyone is tired of quarantine restrictions and alarm messages. People hope for favorable changes and vaccinations, a return to the old course of life. By analogy with the longest world epidemics, the third year should be a period of decline in the incidence and stabilization of the epidemiological situation.

Residents of Tula always celebrate the main day in the life of the city with invention and imagination. Tourists, in addition to impressions and fun, will be able to bring home delicious or beautiful souvenirs.

You can go to the holiday by private car - free parking is available in three districts of the city.



City Day in Tula is celebrated on the second Saturday of September, there is no fixed date. In 2022, this is the 10th number.

In the capital of gunsmiths, this is a glorious city holiday, which is celebrated with fancy and on a grand scale. Arriving on Saturday and celebrating it together with the townspeople, on Sunday you can explore the city. You can go by private car - on Saturday in Tula there are free parking lots for guests, visitors and tourists.

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