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When is Barnaul City Day in 2022, what events will be
When is Barnaul City Day in 2022, what events will be

Video: When is Barnaul City Day in 2022, what events will be

Video: When is Barnaul City Day in 2022, what events will be
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As in many other cases, the answer to the question when is the Day of the city of Barnaul in 2022 is not tied to a specific date, but is indicated tentatively. This is the fourth Sunday in August, in 2022 it falls on the 28th.

Background of events

The capital of the Altai Territory turns 291 years old in 2021, and before the next celebration, the press center of the city administration announced that the event will be held in an abbreviated format. This was due to the continuing unfavorable epidemiological situation, so the mayor's office at the meeting decided to cancel the holding of mass events and even the launch of fireworks in order to prevent the gathering of citizens.


The cancellation of the long-awaited holiday in due time led to its postponement to the second September Saturday. The holding of the gastronomic festival remained in question, the population was informed that the date could be postponed again.

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The change in the usual format and the cancellation of favorite events had a depressing effect not only on the townspeople, but also on the organizers of the holiday, who noted the difficulty of creating a festive atmosphere due to numerous administrative restrictions. This was especially upsetting, because the topic was devoted to the awarding of the title of the City of Labor Valor to Barnaul.

The global pandemic has led to adverse changes both on weekdays and on holidays. Some days are especially popular with the townspeople. Everyone is tired of the alarming situation and the consequences of the spread of a dangerous infection. Therefore, the question of what date the celebration will take place is especially relevant, whether there will be solemn and entertainment festivals and events. It is not yet possible to make certain assumptions and make forecasts: everything, as in previous years, depends on the epidemiological situation.


A little about the city

In 2022, Barnaul turns 292, and it is not the only city to celebrate its birthday on this date. The list of birthday people also includes older cities: 1160 years of Rostov the Great and 870 years of Kostroma. The rest of the cities are younger than the capital of the Altai Territory: Artem, Essentuki, Kopeysk, Noginsk, Prokopyevsk.

This year the celebration falls on August 28th. They try to tie the days of the city to weekends, Saturdays or Sundays, so that the population can take a walk with pleasure and celebrate the next date in a full-fledged way.

The answer to the question when is the Day of the city of Barnaul in 2022 and how old it will be, is associated with its glorious history:

  • the year of foundation is considered 1730, in which A. Demidov laid the first factories;
  • the first mention occurs only nine years later, from the moment the construction of the copper smelter began;
  • here T. Polzunov built the first steam engine in the Russian Empire;
  • the first mining school in Siberia and the first museum of local lore were opened;
  • Barnaul received the status of the regional center from the moment of the formation of the Altai Territory;
  • during the Great Patriotic War, industrial enterprises from Moscow, Leningrad and Odessa, and other cities that were in the occupation worked here.

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In terms of population, Barnaul is on the 21st place in the rating of Russian cities. This is a large scientific and educational center, which has its own universities and branches of Russian universities. Rich expositions of museums, theaters, architectural sights, cathedrals and churches, sports complexes and bases make the center of the Altai Territory attractive for guests and tourists. You can visit it at any time, it will be of interest to lovers of Russian and Soviet history, church architecture, mining, natural monuments.

The question of when is the Day of the city of Barnaul in 2022 interests many as an additional opportunity to feel the festive atmosphere, visit the festivals and fairs conceived by the organizers, and walk along the solemnly decorated streets.


What is expected

So far, the focus is on the refusal of mass events dedicated to the 291 year since the founding of Barnaul. As for 2022, there is only scant information that according to the officially established date of celebration, the fourth Sunday in August falls on the 28th. If there are no unforeseen complications (for example, the aggravation of the unfavorable epidemiological situation), you can safely navigate this date and plan a memorable trip with a lot of impressions, photos and videos taken on the festive streets.

The organizers of the holiday always determine the theme to which it is dedicated. In addition to traditional flags, balloons and banners, stands and exhibitions, slogans and bright banners with illustrations appear. The impression is enhanced by trees and flower beds, which seem to be specially created.


The main aspects of preparing for the holiday:

  • the city's transport committee develops routes that will not interfere with the planned activities;
  • festive decoration is handled not only by district administrations, but also by the Committee for the Development of Entrepreneurship;
  • the theme will be chosen towards the end of this year, and it will be developed by designers and graphic designers;
  • festive attributes will be on all streets, squares and avenues of the city, in parks and squares;
  • Numerous exhibitions and presentations, festivals and concerts will be devoted to the new topic;
  • Barnaul has glorious sports traditions and many locations for competitions and sports, therefore, sports events and tournaments are always held;
  • some time before the holiday, specially designed posters are pasted around the city, in which you can learn about everything that the organizers have conceived and implemented.

The head of administration oversees the progress of preparation, allocates funding and resources. The anniversary date coincided with the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory and the events held in the usual format were colorful and spectacular. The festive fireworks, as a worthy end to an eventful day, are loved by the people of Barnaul, they will certainly go out to admire the grand spectacle. To see all the city sights, you can come to Barnaul on Saturday. It will be an unforgettable trip filled with impressions and pleasant emotions.



Traditionally, City Day in the regional center is celebrated on the fourth Sunday in August. In 2021, the date was postponed due to the unfavorable epidemiological situation. In 2022 there is hope that it will be held in the usual format and on time.

Barnaul is a beautiful city with many attractions, where the main city holiday is celebrated quite pompously. Tourists can come on Saturday and Sunday to have a great time.

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