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When spring break 2022 begins for schoolchildren
When spring break 2022 begins for schoolchildren

Video: When spring break 2022 begins for schoolchildren

Video: When spring break 2022 begins for schoolchildren
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Many schoolchildren are already wondering when their spring break starts in 2022. This question is also asked by parents who want to think over a program of recreation with children in advance.

When will the holidays begin in 2022

There are no exact dates on from what and to what date schoolchildren are resting in Russia in the coming spring. The experts split into 2 groups, putting forward different opinions about the holidays in 2022:

  • rest will begin on March 21 and will continue until March 27 inclusive;
  • children will go on vacation from March 28 to April 3 inclusive.

The exact date of the upcoming spring break is unknown. The order will appear closer to the beginning of the school year.

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Vacation dates may vary for each institution. The Ministry of Education only recommends rest periods. The school administration regulates the learning process and sets the dates of the holidays independently.

Can spring break be canceled in 2022?

No vacation cancellation is planned for the coming spring. This can only happen in a special case if distance learning is introduced due to the coronavirus epidemic. However, the Ministry of Education says that such changes are not planned even as recommendations for educational institutions.


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Basic rules for establishing vacations

Despite the fact that schools are autonomous in making most decisions regarding the definition of the educational process, a number of rules are set for them. When determining the dates of the holidays, the administration must adhere to the following instructions:

  • the first day of vacation must necessarily be Monday - in fact, children of middle and high school begin to rest on Sunday, pupils of elementary grades - on Saturday;
  • schoolchildren are given at least 1 week to rest - the set 7 days include weekends;
  • all vacation periods during the school year (autumn, winter, spring) must be at least 30 days in total - out of 9 months of study, 1 month is allotted for rest;
  • you can postpone the dates of the holidays for no more than 2 weeks - the rest period can start earlier or later, the decision is made by the school administration and notifies the students, parents, teaching staff about it;
  • in summer, children are given at least 2 months for vacation (July, August), in June exams and certification events can be held.

Other decisions made by the school administration on their own will be considered gross violations. If the school administration decides to shift the start date of the holidays, there must be a good reason for this.

The schedule must be compiled by the administration in conjunction with the pedagogical and parental committees of the school. The members of the presented commission have the right to make decisions regarding the educational process. Vacation dates are determined at the general meeting.

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Is it possible to postpone the start of the vacation date from Monday

Schools are entitled to postpone the start date of the holidays by 2-3 days. However, there must be good reasons for this, which must be notified to the Ministry of Education in advance. At the same time, children cannot rest for less than a week.


In a number of Russian schools, vacations have already been scheduled for the period from March 24 to April 3.

Is it okay to ask homework for the holidays

In Russian law, there is no prohibition on homework during the holidays. Teachers make their own decisions about this. However, the orders of the teacher should not differ from the charter of the school.

Usually excellent students and good students are not given homework for the holidays in elementary school. The teacher does this only for children who need to improve their knowledge. If the child cannot be certified in any subject, the teacher appoints an additional day for correcting the marks.


In high school, children for spring break may be advised to complete the tasks of the OGE and the Unified State Examination. Frequent practice is reading literature. In high school, children go through large-scale literary works that must be read during the holidays.


The exact date for the start of spring break for schoolchildren in 2022 has not yet been established. The Ministry of Education recommends a rest period from March 21 to March 27 inclusive. Schools have autonomy in this matter. The administration has the right to independently set the dates of the holidays, coordinating the period with the pedagogical and parental committees. There are a number of rules that the school must adhere to. Holidays cannot last less than 1 week (including weekends). Also, you cannot postpone holidays for more than 2 weeks in both directions.

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