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Remedies for fatigue and leg pain
Remedies for fatigue and leg pain

Video: Remedies for fatigue and leg pain

Video: Remedies for fatigue and leg pain
Video: 7 Best Treatments to Prevent Leg Pain & Fatigue in Runners - Ask Doctor Jo 2023, March

If you have to be on your feet all day, and even in uncomfortable shoes, you should take care of your feet in the evening to avoid further problems. Many remedies have been invented for pain and fatigue in the legs: from baths to special relaxing exercises. We have selected the best recipes so that you can get rid of discomfort as quickly as possible.



One of the best and fastest-acting remedies for tired legs is a soak. Do not tighten, try to do them as soon as you take off your uncomfortable shoes. It is best to alternate between cold and warm water. To do this, take one basin and fill it with cold water and the other with warm water. Keep your feet in cold water for 30 seconds and warm water for 2 minutes. Continue the procedure for 15 minutes. The difference in temperature will improve blood circulation and relieve unpleasant symptoms.

For the best effect, add essential oil or salt to warm water. A few drops of peppermint or eucalyptus oil will make this bath truly relaxing.

After the procedure, moisturize your skin so that it does not suffer from dryness after a salt bath.

Foot massage

Massage is one of the most effective remedies for pain and discomfort. You can do it yourself or ask someone. The main thing is to choose the right oils, they will help you to relax faster. Recipes are great: 3 drops of lavender oil in 2 tablespoons of olive oil, or 3 drops of peppermint oil in 2 tablespoons of sesame oil.

If you prefer to massage your feet on your own, get a special roller to make the process easier. If you don't have such a device at hand, you can use a regular tennis ball or rolling pin. Just roll her legs for 10-15 minutes.


Rubbing with mint

Menthol lotion can work wonders, especially if you massage your feet a little while applying it. If your feet need hydration, put on your socks after applying the lotion and go to bed. In the morning, your legs will feel much better.

Bath with milk and honey

If your feet need hydration, put on your socks after applying the lotion and go to bed.

This recipe includes many ingredients, but the effect will not be long in coming. Just mix all the ingredients and add to a bowl of warm water.

We will need: one glass of milk, 5 tablespoons of honey, 2 teaspoons of baking soda, 1 tablespoon of ground cinnamon, 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract.

The duration of the procedure is 15 minutes. Try it, you will feel the effect almost immediately.

Exercises for the legs

Exercise will quickly help your legs after a hard day. Place the pencils on the floor and then try to lift them with your toes. If this exercise seems too childish to you, just separate the toes on your left foot with your right hand and spread them as far as you can. Then do the same with the other leg.


Put your feet up

If you are too tired to prepare a bath or massage your feet, just lift your legs and they will feel better. You can put pillows under them or place them on the back of the sofa for 15-20 minutes.

And yet the most important thing is comfortable shoes. Try changing shoes or at least choosing pads that will help your foot feel more comfortable.

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