German princess fined for trying to striptease
German princess fined for trying to striptease

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Representatives of ancient aristocratic families are usually quite restrained in behavior. But one has only one to go beyond the limits, as they say about the shame of the whole family. Thus, the 27-year-old princess Theodora Sayn-Wittgenstein, who tried to arrange a striptease at one of the parties, according to lawyers, "put the honor of the whole dynasty to shame."

The other day in Scotland, a hearing was held in the case of the princess, who was accused of "indecent behavior" and "threats on an ethnic basis."

Theodora Sein-Wittgenstein was arrested in Scotland in March 2014 following an incident during a student party at the prestigious University of St. Andrews. At the party, the girl went too far with alcohol and was so amused that she tried to undress in front of the public. “When those around her tried to prevent this, she allowed herself remarks against them, which were of an unacceptable and offensive ethnic character,” according to British publications. In particular, the girl spoke unflatteringly about homosexuals and called for the murder of Muslims.

The Sein-Wittgenstein are the oldest German family, which was first mentioned in documents dated back to 1079. Representatives of the family were associated by marriages with the Russian aristocracy, in particular with the families of the Dolgoruky and Trubetskoy, and at different times lived and served in the Russian Empire, ITAR-TASS specifies.

The police who arrived on call tied the princess and, putting on handcuffs, was taken to the station. The court imposed a large fine on the princess in the amount of thousands of pounds. In turn, Sein-Wittgenstein pleaded not guilty to any of the nine charges. The girl's lawyer said that striptease and insults are atypical for a 27-year-old aristocrat, but added that she "brought shame on the entire dynasty."

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