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How to check honey for naturalness
How to check honey for naturalness

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Probably everyone knows about its beneficial properties, vitamins and minerals contained in honey. But how to check honey for naturalness at home, so as not to buy a fake?

How to check honey for naturalness at home

Currently, there are a number of products that can easily separate real honey from fake honey. Of course, certain rules must be followed.

Common verification methods:

  1. With iodine. You need to prepare a glass of warm water in advance. Next, add a spoonful of honey and stir vigorously. The honey should dissolve completely. After that, we drop a few drops of iodine and wait for the reaction. Natural honey will not change color, but if flour, starch or starch-containing products are present in the composition, then the liquid will turn blue.
  2. With the help of bread. If you put a piece of bread in a saucer with honey, then you can also determine its naturalness. A poor-quality product will be absorbed into the bread and cause the piece to swell. As for natural honey, it is also absorbed, but at the same time it begins to dry out and the bread does not swell.
  3. With vinegar. This technology allows you to determine whether chalk is present in the composition. It is necessary to stir a tablespoon of honey in a glass of warm water and add a spoonful of vinegar. If the liquid starts to sizzle, then the product you bought is of poor quality and is enriched with chalk.
  4. With water. Natural honey, when immersed in water, begins to melt like sugar, the fake will remain in its original form. Therefore, you should refuse such a purchase.

Knowing how to test honey for naturalness at home, you can avoid buying fakes.

It is also worth understanding that today on the market you can find a lot of low-quality honey, which is completely different from natural. Currently, high-quality honey has a pleasant smell, sweet, tart taste and a uniform consistency.

other methods

Often, beekeepers, in order to increase the yield, begin to abundantly feed their bees with sugar syrup. That is, bees continue to make nectar, but it no longer has the same usefulness as collected from flowers.

There are also several interesting methods to check a product for sugar:

  1. You need to take a blotter sheet or newspaper. Next, we drip the method onto the surface of the paper and leave it for 20-30 minutes. If a wet spot forms around the honey, which gradually increases, then this indicates a high water content - and this is the first sign of a diluted product.
  2. The next experience will require reading a stainless steel wire. It needs to be very hot and immersed in a jar of honey for a few seconds. If the wire remains clean, then you bought a quality product, if there are black streaks and sticky spots, then this indicates the presence of additives.
  3. If you add low-quality honey to hot milk, then it curdles.

Not many people know how to check honey for naturalness at home with iodine and other means.

You must understand that the use of a poor-quality product can negatively affect your well-being. Also the addition of chemical colors, emulsifiers and sweeteners leads to many problems.

Checking by external signs

If you have tried natural honey, then you must understand how it should be. Of course, a lot depends on where the bees collected the nectar, so there are differences and peculiarities.

Many experts in this field also face challenges in identifying natural products themselves. If you watch a video on how to check honey for naturalness at home, you can reveal many benefits.

The main signs of quality honey:

  1. Taste. Honey must be tart and sweet.If you find a bitter or sour taste, you should immediately dispose of the product. Also, natural honey, when consumed, causes a slight pleasant sore throat.
  2. Colour. It all depends on what flowers the nectar was collected from, but there are several features. There should be no precipitation at the bottom, the product should be mostly transparent. If there are white grains at the bottom, it is most likely starch or chalk.
  3. Consistency. This is most likely one of the most important aspects of a quality method. The structure should be uniform and creamy. If honey is rubbed on the skin, then it instantly begins to be absorbed. In turn, a poor-quality product will roll into lumps.
  4. Aroma. No harsh odors or signs of chemistry. Only a pleasant and fragrant aroma that you will remember for a long time. When buying high-quality honey, be sure to smell it, it should be fragrant.

In fact, by adhering to such simple methods, many at home identify fakes. Also, you should definitely familiarize yourself with how different types of honey look, this will help you to additionally enrich yourself with the necessary knowledge.

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