Life in a metropolis. Continuation
Life in a metropolis. Continuation

Video: Life in a metropolis. Continuation

Video: Metropolis and Mental Life: George Simmel 2022, December

Continuation, part 2

Once again I was puzzled by the thought “How to do everything? "And on the way to work I kept thinking, thinking about it …

I remembered a film that I had seen recently - "Up in the sky." In this film, George Clooney teaches you to build your life so that there is nothing superfluous in it. He offers to imagine a situation when you need to put all the important people in your life in one backpack and leave with it.

I begin to sort out my friends, acquaintances, girlfriends of simple and close, relatives, former and current guys and I understand that they all do not fit into a backpack!

For example, Zoya and Anya from their previous work - we meet regularly 2-3 times a month. What for? Do I need to spend time on them? What these meetings give me is hard to say. Or a neighbor from above - it seems that she comes for 5 minutes to find out something "very important", and as a result sticks out for hours. Well, do not kick her out? And so I want to relax after work! Anyway, you never know what things I can have in the evening! Yes, also a request from a colleague to help her find a job for a friend. Why on earth should I help?

All these people are taking up a lot of my time. Of course, they think "well" of me, and my conscience is calm - after all, I have not offended anyone … But is it good for me - the question is …

As a result, I threw 5 unnecessary people out of my backpack - I just won't answer their calls now. Oh, I already feel how relieved!

And, finally, it's time to start working on protracted depression - I got so used to it that I don't remember when it all started … It seems three years ago … Or four.

In my opinion, she identified all the reasons for her bad mood and established causal relationships:

1. I work a lot → I get tired;

2. I constantly devote time to “unnecessary people” → there is not enough time for myself;

3. I don’t go in for sports, I don’t drink vitamins → feeling unwell, fatigue;

4. I am worried about everything in a row, I am nervous → insomnia suffers, immunity weakens;

5. Bad mood, depression → break down on close people.

Everything is clear in principle, only, unfortunately, usually my decisions to start a new life disappear without a trace after a couple of days. They say that to form a new habit, repeat the desired action for at least 21 days in a row. For me, it seems that this approach is completely unrealistic.

What to do?

Maybe you should drink some sedatives, because all the problems are due to nerves, and if your head is restless, then everything else turns out to be a mess. Most importantly, I feel so tired that I am absolutely too lazy to understand, to look for what exactly will help me.

Has hammered in Yandex "Breakdown".

As always, a bunch of articles that are too lazy to even read. Banner on the right Deprexil "- a cool name for a drug that fights depression. I went to the site - and there the little green men I saw on the billboard.

Tomorrow I need to read, but now it's time to go home, otherwise I will miss the moment and all the trucks (which can be driven out after 22 o'clock) will go about their business, and I will get stuck in a huge traffic jam.

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