Life in a metropolis
Life in a metropolis

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Life in a metropolis.

Part 3

All my mood, beliefs and desire to start a new life collapsed like a house of cards when I looked at how many fines I had accumulated for driving - 15,000 rubles! At the same time, almost everything is for a dedicated lane for public transport. Quite recently I read an article that the indignation of motorists on this topic is not entirely appropriate, since previously the allocated lanes were either occupied for parking, as on Profsoyuznaya, for example, or were absent altogether. I don’t know how it was then, but personally I am terribly annoyed by the crush on the next lane, despite the fact that the rightmost one is practically free. In short, everything is for people …I think the power of thought will not help me get rid of another negativity. I ought to have something soothing to drink. It’s a little scary: what if I calm down with the pills, but then I can’t do it without them and become like a "drug addict"? Better to be shod. I open a site with green men.


- a natural product with a complex fortifying effect to improve memory and attention, mood, sleep quality and adaptation to stress.

What are the benefits of Deprexil?

• High biological efficiency due to the unique method of molecular activation of components;

• Wide exposure range:

- quick recovery and maintaining a high rate of performance in conditions of prolonged intellectual and psychophysical overload;

- improving memory and attention;

- improving adaptation to stress;

- normalization of sleep and mood;

- optimal functioning of the nervous, cardiovascular and digestive systems;

• Contains a natural nootropic - Ginkgo Biloba and eleven (!) Active ingredients;

• An additional source of vitamins, minerals and amino acids;

• Safe and easy to use.

It seems to be written for me, but the nootropic - Ginkgo Biloba - sounds somehow incomprehensible. We open our favorite "Wikipedia". It is written that these substances activate memory, attention and other useful functions of the brain. Yes, it looks like the right thing.

But if you think globally about the effect of pills on the body … For example, we drink alcohol and do not think about its dangers, we drink often and it seems like a little, soothing ourselves that we are only relaxing, nothing more. And if, from a medical point of view, we consider alcohol and, for example, "Deprexil", then we can safely say that alcohol is more harmful.Maybe instead of a glass of red wine, a capsule is better."

Deprexil "? It improves mood, increases efficiency, while a glass only raises the mood, and only aggravates everything else. In a word, we must try, it certainly won't be worse.Didn't find the cost on the site"

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