Passion for sweets leads to the growth of unwanted hair
Passion for sweets leads to the growth of unwanted hair

Video: Passion for sweets leads to the growth of unwanted hair

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What problems with appearance are most often experienced by the fair sex? According to sociologists, as a rule, most of all women are tormented by excess weight and hirsutism (excessive facial hair). And curiously, both problems may have the same cause.

Among the factors that cause an intensive increase in the hairline, experts name both various diseases and a genetic predisposition. But endocrinologist Rina Davidson believes that unaesthetic hair above the upper lip in women can appear as a result of a passion for sweets.

If you can't handle your dessert cravings, mint tea can help. Tea from this plant has a phytohormonal effect, that is, it helps to establish a balance between various hormones. According to Turkish scientists, drinking a couple of cups of mint tea daily can reduce the level of androgen in the female body. Namely, androgen scientists believe to be the culprit of increased body hair growth.

Most confectionery products have a very high glycemic index, that is, an indicator of the effect of food on blood sugar levels. If you eat a lot of these sweets, you can develop insulin resistance. And this is already a serious syndrome in which the hormone insulin, which controls blood sugar levels, becomes less effective and can no longer fight excess glucose.

As a result, the body begins to produce more and more hormone to cope with the amount of sugar. And then the reaction goes along the chain. “The ovaries respond to hormonal changes by producing a lot of testosterone, the male hormone that causes facial hair to grow,” nutritionist Marilyn Glenville explained. “In addition, excess body weight can also lead to insulin resistance, which is also directly related to an addiction to sweets,” she added.

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