Magnetic storm: what to do?
Magnetic storm: what to do?

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The most powerful flare was registered on the Sun on December 5, due to which a strong magnetic storm began today, which will last for several more days. Over 30 years of regular X-ray observations of the Sun, only about 25 such powerful flares have accumulated, and they have never been observed before at this time of the year - at the minimum of the geomagnetic activity of our star. Scientists believe that outbreaks may recur in the coming days.

- Approximately on the second or third day after a large solar flare, the release of which falls into the earth's magnetosphere, the reaction slows down in people, - a senior researcher at the Astronomical Institute named after Cleo told the correspondent of Cleo. Sternberg Igor Nikulin. - Because of this, there are a large number of accidents and industrial injuries. Cardiovascular diseases are also exacerbated. All this applies to people who already have health problems. For healthy people, events on the Sun are practically invisible. Often, problems can be caused by self-hypnosis. In general, the problem of the influence of solar activity is very complex and has not yet been fully studied.

"There are a lot of accidents and work-related injuries."

According to Nikulin, today and in the next two days, it is worth reducing the psychological and physical stress. And patients can consult with their doctor and revise the dosage of drugs.

The idea that people's well-being depends on magnetic storms is supported by some statistical studies: for example, the number of people hospitalized by ambulances and the number of exacerbations of cardiovascular diseases after a storm is clearly increasing. However, from the point of view of academic science, such evidence is insufficient. In addition, the human body lacks any organ or cell type that could act as a receiver of geomagnetic vibrations. It is believed that we are not that sensitive.

During bursts of activity, intense fluxes of X-rays and charged particles are born on the surface of the Sun. Huge masses of plasma are thrown into interplanetary space. Electrons, protons and heavier nuclei, accelerated to tremendous speeds, rush to the Earth. When they reach the atmosphere, the same thing happens to the planet's magnetic field as to a dense crowd of people, into which a few more people rush in from a run and, without especially slowing down, begin to vigorously push everyone away.

We have a "shield" against such attacks: the Earth is surrounded by a belt of magnetic lines of force starting and ending at the poles. Several layers of such poles form a magnetosphere, which rather reliably protects all living things. But many creations of human hands, for example, electronic devices, communication lines, pipelines, are very sensitive to electromagnetic effects.

Among scientists, it is customary to adhere to the opinion that if everything is in order with health, then one should be afraid not so much of solar flares as self-hypnosis. If, after learning about the next magnetic storm, you begin to persistently look for signs of illness in yourself, then you will certainly find something.

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