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Biography of Duncan Lawrence - Eurovision 2019 Winner
Biography of Duncan Lawrence - Eurovision 2019 Winner

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Duncan Lawrence is the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest winner, singer, musician and composer. Before the start of the music competition, attention was riveted on his biography and personal life, and many experts predicted Duncan's victory. The song Arcade and its unique performance brought the singer international fame.


The singer was born in 1994 on April 11. From an early age he began to study the musical arts and mastered playing the piano. On his social networks, he very often talks about his difficult childhood, as many condemned Duncan's appearance and behavior.

Despite this, he managed not only to change for the better, but also to achieve incredible musical success.

Since at school he was very often called "fat", "ugly", "bespectacled", then Duncan developed a certain inferiority complex. The musician had to work hard to get rid of this. And it was music that was able to help achieve success in building a different personality.

Duncan Lawrence's complex biography was able to lead him to the 2019 Eurovision final. From childhood, he independently composed music and wrote poetry. He did it very well.

Musician career

The first success came after participating in the TV show "The Voice". The talented guy immediately liked the audience, but he could only reach the semifinals, after which he was eliminated. But such a large-scale competition helped him get acquainted with famous musicians, producers and even sign a contract with music studios.

After, the biography of Duncan Lawrence made him get a musical education at the academy. For some time he studied at Tilburg. Here, the singer created several groups that performed at local venues.

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The Slick and Suited is the singer's first major musical project, where he managed to bring together the best performers and musicians of the Tilburg Academy. Together they participated in various festivals, but in 2016 Duncan goes free swimming and decides to pursue a solo career. The first author's project Icarus appeared in cooperation with well-known music studios in London.

In fact, the singer is very responsible in choosing the companies with which he collaborates.

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Since Duncan Lawrence is himself an author and composer, he actively collaborates with many celebrities. Together with the renowned Korean duo, TVXQ has created several famous music pieces that have topped the charts in South Korea.

His creativity and incredible talent are capturing the attention of fans all over the world. Being busy has a very strong effect on personal life, for which very little time is left.

The composition Arcade quickly became popular, despite the fact that it was created back in 2016. The song was written with emotion and is dedicated to a loved one whom Duncan lost. After the music became publicly available, she gained a certain popularity and got on the audition of the selection committee for the Eurovision Song Contest.

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Personal life

On his social networks, Duncan Lawrence has repeatedly stated that he is bisexual. His personal life is open to fans, and he does not hide that he is dating a guy. It was a deliberate choice that he made on his own.

The identity of the second half is unknown, even on Duncan's social networks there are no joint photos.

Today, the singer spends most of his free time at home. She is also actively involved in various social projects dedicated to same-sex marriage.Sometimes she participates in fashion shows and is filmed for famous magazines. Everything Duncan Lawrence does brings him incredible pleasure.

Winning Eurovision 2019

A rich musical career, constant concerts, festivals and events take up a huge amount of time. The last year of his biography, Duncan Lawrence devoted entirely to preparing for Eurovision. Practically weekly, rehearsals were held for the performance, which was supposed to attract the attention of viewers from all over the world. A huge creative team took part in creating the script.

On May 18, he managed to become the winner of Eurovision 2019. Despite the fact that the jury decided to award him third place, the audience appreciated the performance in a completely different way. Most of them voted for Duncan, as a result of which he won the competition so important for his career.

Quotes from interviews

  1. “A couple of years ago, I admitted to everyone that I was bisexual. After that, I felt so good and easy on my soul. "
  2. "As a child, I was constantly bullied because of my appearance, but I managed to change for the better."
  3. "I am glad that I connected my life with music and love."
  4. “This is a story about finding love in our life. This is the hope for the sometimes unattainable. The hope that you will find what you need in life "

The biography of Duncan Lawrence is of interest not only among Eurovision fans, but also among connoisseurs of music.

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