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Anti-trends in clothing - summer 2020
Anti-trends in clothing - summer 2020
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Along with the fashion trends for the summer of 2020, experts are compiling a list of anti-trends, which includes clothes that have gone out of fashion. Each season dictates its own rules for choosing a wardrobe, pays attention to something new, forcing you to go shopping in search of actual things. We offer a list of the main summer anti-trends, which it is better to abandon in the new season.

Oversized tutu skirt

Surely fashionistas managed to get a light and fluffy skirt made of transparent material last year. However, despite the presence of such items at the spring-summer Dior show, it will have to be postponed further. Indeed, in the new season, translucent midi length models will completely lose their splendor and will no longer resemble a ballet tutu.

Victorian Blouses

Designers love to turn to history, reviving the trends of the past decades. So, last year, romantic and feminine blouses from the nineteenth century were in fashion. Made in the Victorian style, they were distinguished by the presence of stand-up collars, ruffles, and puffy sleeves. In the summer of 2020, more restrained and laconic styles with original decor, for example, decorated with a bow, will be relevant.

Low rise skinny jeans

The real anti-trend in women's clothing for summer 2020 will be low-rise skinny jeans. In the new season, choose models with a high waistline, such products will be in trend for some time. But, for sure, not for long, because tight-fitting clothes are one of the global anti-trends.

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Ripped jeans combined with mesh tights

If separately from each other these elements of the wardrobe have the right to life, then their tandem in one image is strictly contraindicated.

Cargo pants

Loose, stylish, comfortable and practical - cargo pants were a great alternative to jeans when composing casual looks. A large number of patch pockets resembled the images of the beloved Lara Croft. However, cargo stayed at the top of fashion for a very short time. In the new season, they will be replaced by wide straight jeans.

Dress Basques

The peplum allows you not only to create an interesting and beautiful image, but also performs a modeling function, correcting the proportions in the waist and hips. Perhaps that is why the designers did not completely abandon such an item of clothing. Only the classic peplum has gone out of fashion, while its more modern version in the form of a belt expanding with a trapezoid is still relevant.

Dress shirt

Lovers of this style should not be upset, only some styles have fallen into the category of "unfashionable summer clothes". So, mini-length products made of denim, as well as checkered models made of dense cotton, are considered an anti-trend.

Bandeau dress

Clothes that emphasize every bend of the body will not be in demand in the new season. It is better to give preference to looser styles. If you want to demonstrate your femininity and attractiveness, it is better to look at dresses with a deep V-neckline.

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Trousers with stripes

Sports-style pants so popular in past seasons will be a thing of the past. If you are sorry to part with them, wear them at home. They will be replaced by free models, for example, you should take a closer look at the trousers of the palazzo.


For a cool summer evening, it is better to have a short denim jacket or a loose cardigan in your wardrobe, while it is better to put the bolero in the back drawer. The once popular bolero is no longer in vogue.

Platform shoes

This style of shoes is one of the brightest representatives of summer anti-trends.To look beautiful and attractive, in the new season it is enough to choose pumps with stilettos.

If you want to create a truly alluring and attractive bow, instead of platform shoes, wear classic red or pink pumps.

Shoes with red soles

Boots, shoes, and other red-soled shoes that mimic the Christian Louboutin brand are no longer in vogue. Experts agree that it is better to buy budget boats, and not a replica of a well-known brand.

Round front ballerinas

This is not the first season that designers have ignored this kind of footwear. Therefore, girls who still wear round toe ballet flats cannot be classified as fashionistas. In addition, these shoes make the foot unattractive. As an alternative option for feminine and comfortable shoes, experts have proposed pointed models with low heels, as well as products in a sporty style.

Ugly shoes

Thanks to the efforts of the designers of the fashion house Balenciaga, chunky sneakers with a futuristic design have conquered the whole world. They were worn with feminine dresses, complemented by images with business suits. However, despite its declining popularity, ugly shoes began to lose their relevance. Experts advise fashionistas to look at simpler and laconic shoes.

However, fans of original and unusual shoes should not worry, because the next generation of ugly shoes has already appeared in stores - bright sandals with massive soles with a large number of straps.

Oval Waist Bags

A few seasons ago, designers borrowed this trend from the fashion of the nineties. Last summer, experts suggested wearing them over the shoulder. In the new season, you should abandon oval accessories and start experimenting with shapes. For example, pick up small rectangular models, products in the form of a saddle, or place several small bags at once on a belt.

Shopping bags

The woven thread bags, which also hail from the nineties, fell out of fashion very quickly. Many did not have time to acquire such a model.


Pearl hairpins have conquered the whole world in just two years. They first appeared at the fashion show of the famous designer Simone Rocha. Fashionistas quickly picked up the trend and began to actively use it when drawing up stylish bows. However, such great popularity has led to the fact that yesterday's trend is outdated and in 2020 will no longer be in vogue. Today, it is better to give preference to scarves or velvet ribbons, which can be used to tie up your hair, making a beautiful bow.

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Snake print

The fashion world is gradually changing not only styles, but also colors. In the summer of 2020, the list of anti-trends will be replenished with the snake print, which occupied the leading positions last season. However, it should be noted that such a color will lose its relevance exclusively in relation to clothing: shorts, sundresses, trousers, while it will remain popular among accessories and shoes.

Beach anti-trends

By the summer, most often women of fashion acquire not only fashionable sundresses, shorts and skirts, but also update their beach wardrobe. In 2020, the following were included in the number of antitruns:

Triangl neoprene swimwear popular for several previous seasons;


swimwear with bandage effect;

swimwear in neon colors;

high-waisted bikini bottom with ruffles

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Now you know about the main anti-trends in clothes for the summer of 2020. Photos of current and outdated models will help you make the right choice and, when going shopping, buy only fashionable and stylish things. As the saying goes, forewarned means forearmed.

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