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When is City Day in Moscow in 2021
When is City Day in Moscow in 2021

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A tradition has taken root in Russia to celebrate the days of cities. This is respect for their history, honoring the founders and instilling pride in their small homeland. The guests of the capital and its numerous residents want to know in advance when the City Day will be in Moscow in 2021.

History and traditions

Even the youngest cities do not refuse the occasion to have fun, to hold festivities, to see the indispensable attributes of the celebration - fairs, performances in squares and parks, fireworks.

Some confusion in the dates of the day of the capital is due to the centuries-old history of the huge city: the first mention of the settlement was found by the historian I. Zabelin, and this is on April 4. The solemn date - the seven hundredth anniversary of Moscow was going to be celebrated for three days, in the spring of 1847. Then, in periodicals, polemics flared up about its significance for Russian history. The reason for the discussion was K. Aksakov's article on the need to solemnly celebrate the landmark anniversary of the current capital of Russia.

Nicholas I did not hide his negative attitude towards the Slavophiles (initiators of the solemn celebration) and postponed the scheduled date for January 1, reducing the program to a one-day holiday. Then Moscow was not the capital of the Russian Empire, and this caused disputes about the need for a large-scale celebration of this significant date.

In the Soviet Union, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčcelebrating the 800th anniversary (the capital was moved to Moscow long ago) was greeted with enthusiasm and approval even in the government. But what date in the difficult post-war year the celebration will be, was decided by the order of JV Stalin. He fixed this significant date in September. The festive events took place on September 7. This was another important date in Russian history - a round figure from the day of the victory of the Russian army in the Battle of Borodino.

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Almost 40 years later, Boris Yeltsin, the then head of the Moscow City Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, became the initiator of the permanent celebration of the City Day. With slight variations, the date was recorded in August-September for several years. The 650th anniversary of the city in 1997 was scheduled for September 7th.

But the exact date in such events creates inconvenience if it is fixed. Therefore, 4 years ago, the current Moscow mayor S. Sobyanin issued an order according to which the city day is celebrated on the first or second Saturday of the first autumn month.

Three years ago there was the 870th anniversary of the now huge city, one of the main in the glorious Russian history. The first day of the large-scale event fell on September 9th.

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What date and how to celebrate

The population of the metropolis and numerous guests of the city intend not to miss the grand celebrations. And no one doubts that the next City Day will be memorable. The main thing is not to miss the scheduled date, find out in time what date and on what Saturday it is scheduled to be held.

City Day in Moscow in 2021 falls on the first Saturday of the first autumn month, September 4.

A complete list of all celebrations, a description of the provision of festive-themed decoration is invariably posted on the official website of the Moscow government. Typically, the program has both traditional forms and innovative elements:

  1. Three years ago, the celebration was moved to Red Square, and lovers of the solemn part, congratulations and speeches can start the celebration from the center of Moscow.
  2. For those who go to the streets and parks of the city, there will be competitions, concerts, holiday fairs and master classes.
  3. You can go to museums (some of them will have free admission) or to numerous Moscow theaters, to street shows and concerts, large-scale performances in parks.

Magnificent fireworks will flare up and go off in the evening in different parts of Moscow.

The festive program will traditionally continue on Sunday. Muscovites and guests who have come to congratulate the capital of Russia will be able to purchase memorable souvenirs and handicrafts, taste festive treats at fairs and performances. There is also an opportunity to eat deliciously at catering establishments, of which there are a huge number in Moscow. The festive reality will surpass the wildest expectations, because Moscow City Day is always grandiose.


City Day is scheduled to be held in Moscow on September 4:

  1. This is the first Saturday of the first month of autumn.
  2. The date is preliminary, but already announced.
  3. Large-scale events will be held throughout the capital.

Residents and guests of the metropolitan metropolis will get an unforgettable experience.

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