Ravshana Kurkova revealed the secret of beauty
Ravshana Kurkova revealed the secret of beauty

Video: Ravshana Kurkova revealed the secret of beauty

Video: Равшана Куркова // Все важные фразы 2022, December

Actress Ravshana Kurkova turned 35 this year. But the star looks ten years younger. Some fans believe that it is not only the artist's good genetics, but also some wonderful remedy. And recently Ravshana revealed her little secret.

Most of the star girls regularly visit spas, fitness centers, and the phone of a personal beautician will not be named even under torture. It is also useless to torture Ravshana Kurkova, because she simply does not understand the general obsession with cosmetic procedures.

“Contrary to some opinions about magicians-cosmetologists who work hard on my“young face”, I don't have any beautician,” said the actress. - I have never even done a face cleaning in my life! And I don't even want to think about injections of hyaluronic acid and other procedures, because I'm afraid of injections!"

However, like most actresses, Kurkova tries to lead a healthy lifestyle. The star trains several times a week under the guidance of a professional trainer on a set of exercises specially designed for her for different muscle groups.

In addition, Ravshana adheres to a balanced diet, does not eat carbohydrates after seven in the evening. “My day always starts in a different way. Usually I am in a hurry to the set, so at home I only have time to drink water on an empty stomach. Already on the set I can eat yogurt or banana, and also make oatmeal. I try to eat everything. But I purposefully avoid fast food and semi-finished products. It seems to me that this is the most harmful food."

"And yet the main thing is genes!" - emphasizes the star.

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