Larisa Verbitskaya shared her beauty secrets
Larisa Verbitskaya shared her beauty secrets

Video: Larisa Verbitskaya shared her beauty secrets

Video: Лариса ВЕРБИЦКАЯ / Интервью ВОКРУГ ТВ 2022, December

TV presenter Larisa Verbitskaya is deservedly considered a kind of standard of beauty and grooming on domestic television. She is always in good shape, always elegant. How does the star do it? The presenter works a lot on herself and does not hide that her grooming is the result of serious work.

“I am sure that any problems - overweight, sagging skin, wrinkles - are better prevented than dealt with later,” the star said in an interview with the “7 Days” portal. - Therefore, all my life I carefully look after myself. My lifestyle helps me look good: proper nutrition, moderate physical activity. But this is not enough, you need to take care of your face and body: do a massage, apply masks, use creams that are suitable for your skin type."

Verbitskaya also does not refuse the services of professionals. Moreover, she carries out some procedures only with highly qualified specialists.

“You know, over the years, a clear understanding comes: how you look depends on your mood, well-being, personal life, and career advancement,” says the presenter.

Larisa Viktorovna also touched upon the topic of weight loss, which is relevant for many. “You need to listen to yourself in order to choose a suitable nutritional system, which may differ from the generally accepted one,” says the celebrity. - For example, there is a strong belief that you need to consume a lot of animal protein in order to easily lose weight and feel great. And I noticed that animal protein is harder to digest than plant protein. Therefore, I often include lentil and white bean soups in my diet. But if you still deduce some general formula of beauty, then, probably, three components will be required: a benevolent view of the world, proper nutrition and daily sports."

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