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The TERMIK company: an integrated approach to the installation of air conditioners
The TERMIK company: an integrated approach to the installation of air conditioners

Video: The TERMIK company: an integrated approach to the installation of air conditioners

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The specialists of the Nizhny Novgorod company "TERMIK" spoke about the peculiarities of an integrated approach to the installation of air conditioning systems and the advantages of cooperation with direct suppliers of relevant equipment.

Recall that the installation of air conditioners in Nizhny Novgorod is one of the activities of the company, which has its own online store and points of delivery. She also sells and installs heating and plumbing equipment, pumps and septic tanks.

One performer is the key to a responsible attitude

First of all, the company's foremen drew attention to the fact that turnkey services, when everyone, from selection and delivery of equipment to commissioning, is handled by one performer, is a market trend.

The reasons are obvious. For the customer, such an approach is an opportunity to cooperate with virtually one contractor who takes full responsibility and does not involve contractors “from the street”. For the performer - the opportunity to work through everything, from the project to the setting, by issuing an official guarantee.

Therefore, one of the priorities of the company at the moment is to offer exactly complex services, which (if necessary) include consultation, design, and subsequent installation.

Design - the basis for subsequent work

As TERMIK noted, air conditioning systems are a very broad concept. For one object, a standard split system or a mobile air conditioner will be enough, for another it will be necessary to lay pipes in different rooms from a single outdoor unit, in the third - to generally mount industrial units.

Without a project and engineering calculations, taking into account the operating parameters of the equipment and a specific object, it is hardly possible to select equipment that will cope with the assigned tasks, not waste electricity in excess of the norm, and will last for many years. And to rely on luck and calculation "by eye" in these cases is impossible.

The company has its own design department for air conditioning and ventilation systems, which works both with projects for residential buildings and large industrial facilities.

Own equipment catalog and assistance in selection

An integrated approach “from measurements to installation” would not have been possible without the availability of equipment and consumables in stock.

TERMIK has its own online store with an assortment of air conditioners, multi and conventional split systems, humidifiers and air purifiers for any area and purpose. This, in turn, makes it possible to quickly carry out the installation, not depending on third-party suppliers.


In conclusion, the experts of the Nizhny Novgorod company once again emphasized that an integrated approach is a trend in the modern market. Both clients and companies themselves prefer turnkey services, as this allows them to save money, reduce installation time, cooperate on transparent terms and implement projects taking into account individual requests, including non-standard ones. In the field of air conditioning systems - including.

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