American students invented nail polish against rapists
American students invented nail polish against rapists

Video: American students invented nail polish against rapists

Video: Students invent nail polish to detect date rape drugs 2022, December

Students from the University of North Carolina took a creative approach to the issue of women's safety, deciding that the polish with which ladies paint their nails can not only make them more beautiful, but also save them from possible rape, reports Lenta.Ru.

A group of students invented and registered a new nail polish under the brand name Undercover Colors to keep women safe from abuse. The essence of the invention is as follows: the varnish contains chemical compounds that, when in contact with a liquid, signal that there are any narcotic substances in it - for example, clonidine, which has neither taste nor smell.

As conceived by the creators, a girl, having met a man in a bar, will be able to lower a marigold in a glass of drink and understand if he is not going to give her something to drink. In the presence of drugs or drugs, the varnish on the nails will change color.

The press has already called the new varnish a means that can save women.

This seemingly useful invention has sparked an outcry among anti-sexual violence activists FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture. In their opinion, this novelty cannot be called useful. Women are sure that the cosmetic product is not able to solve the existing problem. “I don't want to test my damn drink at a bar. This is not the world I want to live in,”said one of the heads of the organization, Rebecca Nagle (Rebecca Nagle).

True, Internet users reacted well to the new product. Undercover Colors' social media pages are full of positive reviews like “I can't wait to see the varnish on sale”.

Recall that this is not the first unusual invention that can protect women from violence. For example, in 2010, a doctor from South Africa invented the “ax” condom, which was also designed to protect the fair sex.

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