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Scale for transferring USE points in 2022 in chemistry
Scale for transferring USE points in 2022 in chemistry

Video: Scale for transferring USE points in 2022 in chemistry

Video: Scale for transferring USE points in 2022 in chemistry
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The scale for converting USE scores in 2022 in chemistry into grades has no official meaning. Such a translation of points exists for an understandable explanation of the level of knowledge gained to parents and schoolchildren.

Scale for converting USE scores in chemistry into grades

Each year, the primary scores are recalculated for the final report. The minimum number of points in chemistry required to enter the university also changes every year.


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The table for converting the test scores of the USE in chemistry into the usual five-point grade:

"Fine" "Good" "Satisfactorily" Exam not passed
Above 73 points 56 to 72 36 to 55 Below 35

The final set of even 100 primary points in chemistry does not guarantee admission to a specialized university. Additional points in other subjects, the overall score of the certificate are of great importance. In chemistry, you need to score 39 test points in order to go to paid education. In 2020, the minimum score was lower at 36 points. Higher education institutions can increase the passing score of the USE in chemistry.


Changes in the exam in 2022 in chemistry

Changes are expected when passing the unified state exam next year. The Ministry of Education does not set the task to complicate the tasks for graduates, to make them more difficult. But to confirm the knowledge gained at school, practical tasks will be introduced into the exam.

Graduates graduating from general education institutions in 2022, from elementary school were trained according to modern educational standards. Requirements were different for them than for the students of previous years. During the passage of the programs, they had to learn how to analyze and systematize.


Modern graduates should be able to combine and select data both mentally and in tables. Educators had to teach them to draw conclusions based on observations. Practical tasks introduced in the exam will allow you to check the level and quality of the knowledge gained. But the final assignment model has not yet been approved.

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Unified State Exam Score Conversion Scale in Chemistry

FIPI is a scientific institution that develops tasks for next year's exams. At this stage, specialists create new methods for assessing educational achievements. New technologies will make it possible to better test the knowledge of students.

The current system allows evaluating the results of the exam using computer technology and with the participation of teachers. Initially, the answers are assessed according to the primary points. After summing up the results for the two parts of the answers, the primary scores are transferred to test scores.


The table for converting USE points in chemistry, developed by FIPI specialists:

Primary Test


Test Primary Test
1 3 21 45 41 67
2 6 22 46 42 68
3 9 23 47 43 69
4 12 24 49 44 71
5 14 25 50 45 72
6 17 26 51 46 73
7 20 27 52 47


8 23 28 53 48 75
9 25 29 54 49 76
10 28 30 55 50 77
11 31 31 56 51 78
12 34 32 57 52 79
13 36 33 58 53 80
14 38 34 60 54 83


35 61 55 86
16 40 36 61 56 89
17 41 37 62 57 92
18 42 38 64 58 95
19 43 39 65 59 98
20 44 40 66 60 100

The minimum level for obtaining a certificate is 12 primary points or 36 test points. A satisfactory value, the result for the "top three" in chemistry will be considered 13 collected primary points. This corresponds to 36 test points. Maximum in chemistry, you can score 60 primary points, which corresponds to 100 test points.


Top universities set their own passing score for applicants. The minimum depends on the competition for the place and the level of USE results in each year.



To enter a specialized university, you need excellent knowledge of chemistry. It is important to be able to perform creative and practical tasks, to possess the skills and abilities of working with substances and formulas in a complex, then it will be easy to get the required score on the exam for admission to a university.

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